California is a state that’s governed by lots of laws. In fact, at the start of this year, 807 new laws took into effect. Among these are wage increase from $9 – $10 per hour, mandatory vaccinations for K-12 students regardless of beliefs and no wearing of earplugs in both ears while driving.

It is very common these days to see people wearing earphones at work, at home and even on the street. Its users claim that it makes them more productive, turns their sluggish day to a better one and offers not just motivational music but isolation. That is why it is not surprising why more people use headphones these days regardless of time and place. And to have a better listening experience, they seek for headphones better than beats to enhance music and make it more pleasurable.

The use of earphones also gave rise to street accidents and deaths too.  In a 6 year period, it resulted to 116 cases. In 2010-2011, additional 47 accidents resulted from the same cause.

Wearing headphones while driving has been prohibited in California for a while now. However, the state’s legislatures modified this law a bit which includes even wearing earbuds. This means whether you are driving a vehicle or a cycling, you must only wear one earbud and free your other ear.

One cycling tourist from Rome was spotted using earbuds around San Francisco. “I love listening to music while cycling but I make sure only one earbud is attached to my ear and keep my other ear open. This way, I can listen to a mellow music while hear some people talking at the same time”, Jane Brunore; Italian tourist stated.

However, not all cyclists in California are aware of this law. In fact, one kid is found driving his bicycle with both earbuds attached to his ears. When police officers called his attention, this was what the kid replied; “This is crazy, there’s so many things going on. There’s the pedestrians, people on bikes, cars and now earbuds law”.

Though many agreed to limit their listening experience while on the road for the sake of safety, others are still not comfortable following this law. One of them is cyclist Cirrus Wood when he said; “It’s kind of odd listening to music with just one ear. It gives an unbalanced feeling. It’s like hearing two different conversations at the same time”.

However, whoever is spotted breaking the earbuds law will be charged a fine on top of the court costs.