Do you know that in Virginia alone, 6.67% of total motor accident is alcohol related? Other states even have greater figures. Such road mishap may end up with an orphaned child, widowed wife and bereaved relative and friends. And many have nothing else to say but words like “if only” and “what if”..

That is why you need to do something about it even before this happens in your own household. The government has acted on this problem by implementing laws against drunk driving. Crimes that can be charged can either be “Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI) or “Driving Under the Influence” (DUI), with the latter considered to be a lesser offense. These laws are not only intended to protect the person concerned but even other people along the road whom one will pass by. They can be the drivers of other vehicles, passengers and even those people who are close by. For DUI cases, penalties will be collected amounting to approximately $1,800. However, it doesn’t end with the payment; you will also be imprisoned for 120 days if caught for the third time with even longer stay in the prison on the offenses that will follow. Your driver’s license will also be suspended depending on the frequency of the crime. Suspension can be as short as 90 days but can also be as long as 3 years! Some drivers may refuse to provide a sample for the authorities to verify alcohol intoxication. In such case, license will automatically be suspended. In many states, they do not only punish the driver for driving drunk, they also see to it that proper rehabilitation treatment will be done. This will especially apply to drivers who have become dependent to alcohol. Rehabilitation is still a form of punishment and this is often done to first offender. Mostly, they go to rehabilitation centers rather than going to the jail.

The law has forbid us to drive when drunk. However, what about letting our kids drive for us when we’re drunk? This may sound odd but it does happen many times. Indeed, some parents are just not responsible enough and getting drunk doesn’t excuse them for such misbehavior. What will you do if you find someone on the street forcing one’s child to take command of the wheels for her? Watch this video to find out what others will do in such scenario.  You will be surprised to see how people react.