10-08-2015 6-56-44 AM

Dr. Mehmet Oz; a cardiothoracic surgeon known for his show; “The Dr. Oz Show” appeared before the congress to answer claims he made on his show. He said he’s willing to clear out misconceptions to resolve bogus marketers using his name to sell miracle pills to millions of Americans who are anxious to lose weight.

It has been known to many that Dr. Oz praise some supplements as fat busters. Though he don’t endorse any products, he admits using “flowery words” and even promised make a list of all products he believes to help shed fats and make Americans healthy.

Dr. Oz’ fat burning tips beyond diet and exercise did not escape the scrutiny of the congress. In fact, he was reprimanded by Chairman Claire McCaskill when he appeared before the Senate’s consumer protection panel.

Dr. Oz mentioned a lot of weight loss products on his show and though he denied endorsing any of them, his introduction of these products can be misleading.

Forskolin is a lightning in a bottle. This is a miracle in a bottle working to fight fats”, Dr. Oz said in one of his shows. This is just one of the many statements he uttered when mentioning weight loss products.

“I don’t understand why you are mentioning these words despite knowing that these are not true?” McCaskill asked Oz in one of their interviews.

“These weight loss products only offer “short-term crutches” and are not intended for long term use. No miracle pill will work without doing proper exercise and diet”, admitted Dr. Oz as he laid his final say on the table regarding these weight loss products.

“However, I personally study these products and even asked my family to try them. But I admit they don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact. As with my family, I offer my audiences the same advice”, added Dr. Oz.

McCall points the use of the word “miracle pill” to give false hopes to people who buy the products. Such coinage affected the sales of forskolin supplement and other products he mentioned. But Dr. Oz denied association with any of these companies nor does he receive any monetary compensation from them.

Federal Trade commission filed a case against sellers of some weight loss products for making false claims, causing deceptions to their consumers.

However, Dr. Oz stood his grounds for not endorsing any specific supplements. “If you happen to see my face or name on any email, ad and other occurrence, these are legal.” he finally declared.