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A woman who was driving her car with her child mowed 37 people on a busy sidewalk in LA. The victims acquired minor to major injuries and one of them even died. Police officers are uncertain as to why the woman did this. But they find this to be an intentional act.

The driver; Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24 years old was charged with murder with a deadly weapon, child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident.

Holloway told her story to the authorities after the car accident; “I was trying to rest on my car with my child but every time I made a stop, I get a run off by security officers in every property where we intend to park. Hence, I unintentionally get to the strip, which I don’t want to be”. It was also confirmed by police authorities that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the event happened.

Holloway was driving Oldsmobile Sedan, model 1996 using Oregon plates. She drove down Las Vegas Boulevard when her vehicle drove on the sidewalk, hitting the pedestrians at different areas. He stroke and run over more individuals before she managed to get back to the road.

The arrest report stated that after the incident, Holloway left the area right away and drove for 1 mile. When she finally drove to a hotel, that’s the time she called a security officer and told him to call the police since she hit several people. When asked why she drove on the sidewalk, she hesitated telling the explanation and just said that all she can remember was seeing bodies bouncing off her windshield.

“We have ruled out that the incident was not an act of terrorism but our investigation showed that the accused acted deliberately on what happened”, Deputy Chairman Brett Zimmerman from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said. “Hence, we find the incident to be an intentional act”, he added.

According to Zimmerman, Holloway drove on the sidewalk 4 times and the city’s homicide division is studying at various surveillance videos to investigate further.

Jessica Valenzuela; 32 years old died because of what happened. The other 37 victims were injured.

“Many people attempted to stop the driver and she drove in front of me. The next time I looked at her, she was already driving away”, Antonio Nassar, one of the victims relayed.  “After she drove to the sidewalk, she stopped at Paris intersection while people are punching on her car’s window. However, she accelerated and mowed people down instead”, he added.

L.A. Metropolitan Police is urging all witnesses to contact them so they can give their statement to what happened.