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A car bomb exploded in Ankara; the Turkish capital resulting to 37 dead people following the recent car bombing attacks less than a month prior which also killed many military personnel.

“Apart from the deaths, 71 others were admitted to the hospital with 15 who are in a critical condition. Out of 37 dead, 2 are the suicide bombers themselves.

“Terrorists did a series of attacks for the past 18 months and I vowed to do all I can to defeat them”, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. “The attacks served as threats to the country’s unity and integrity. But this does not weaken our determination to fight against terrorism at the same time”, he added.

President Erdogan also pacified his people by assuring them that terrorism will soon come to an end until such time when it will be brought to its knees.

As per TRT (the area’s local broadcaster), the car explosion occurred adjacent to the transport hub. This area also contains many administrative structures like police station, justice and interior ministries as well as the police station. Many aids came to help like ambulance and fire trucks. Houses were burnt and several buildings were damaged. And it so happened that the attack commenced at 6:34 pm, a peak hour when the area is too crowded.

“The bomb exploded at an area that houses 10 bus stations. It is believed that a suicide car bomber was responsible for the event because one vehicle is greatly damaged. The casualties can’t be numbered. Cars were burned on the scene as well”, reporter Haber Turk from a local news agency said.

After the explosion, several gunfire shots were heard by the Kizilay area. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Since the area is a common place for suicide bomb attacks, authorities cordoned the area to prohibit journalists from entering the scene. An image of a completely devastated bus on the scene appeared on social media. Meanwhile, RTUK; Turkey’s broadcasting agency issued a broadcast ban.

On the other hand, both trade groups and businesses condemned the attack. Head of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce; Ibrahim Caglar expressed rage on terrorists attacks when he said that the terrorists have put themselves in a “sorry” state for initiating attacks for the purpose of spilling blood alone.

For the past 19 months, Turkey was exposed to several bloody terrorist attacks and they blame this to Isis militants.