Animal advocates recently rescued 46 dogs in South Korea where they were raised in a farm for human consumption. These dogs were found in a dark cage, barely fed to survive. After they arrived at Kennedy International Airport, they were brought right away to New York, Maryland as well as Pennsylvania where their emergency shelters were located.

These dogs came from a city called Goyang; just north of Seoul. Their place appears like a dungeon with very little light and little ventilation. “You can sense the stench of ammonia as you go near the place which will surely make you want to cry as you pass through”, says Kelly O’Meara who oversees the rescue project. “All you can see are eyes looking at you, though the dogs can hardly be seen in the dark”, she added.

It is interesting to note that there are more or less 17,000 other similar farms operated in South Korea. This is because dog meat is plummeting in the market and the increasing numbers of dogs raised to be slaughtered is an answer to such demand. There are 2 million dogs eaten annually in this part of the world.

The rescued dogs were given Dog supplements to restore their health and save them from malnutrition. They are prepared for adoption and such can only happen after their medical needs and behavioural problems will be attended. These dogs went through a lot. In fact, Ms O’Meara said that they haven’t received any veterinary care at all and die in their cage because of lack of food.


Since 2015, the Humane Society rescued around 800 dogs already. They are purebred and mixed breed, ranging from Maltese to Chihuahua. There are also Saint Bernard and Spaniels among these dogs. A German shorthaired pointer as well as miniature pinscher was also found in the recent farm where they went.


But why are these dogs sent to New York after they have been rescued? Ms O’Meara answered this question when she said; “these dogs are unwanted which only make sense why they must be transported somewhere else”. While some of these dogs were fed so farm owners can sell them as pets, majority of them were slaughtered after no one is interested enough to buy them.


Hopefully, their newly found home in New York will compensate for all the struggles they went through in the past years. This can only be realized once they will be adapted to a new family- their new home.