Wow, never thought dogs love to ride too. And they look a lot like rockers than their pet owners! While watching this video, I hope I can have a joy ride one of these days too.  Or even take my dog for a ride. Too bad he’s so scared to travel. In fact, he trembles when I take him with me for a ride and gets dizzy when once we get home that he would sleep.

I have read posts on why some dogs have fears on travelling by car and these are the reasons that I found:


Fear of travelling

Dogs learn by association. They might have an unpleasant travelling experience in the past where they got dizzy or experienced discomfort during and after the trip. This may cause them to develop a mindset that all travels will be the same. Hence, even the thought of getting into the car may make them feel sick. And they can carry this behavior even up to their adulthood.


Fear of the Unknown

If your dog hasn’t travelled before, the lack of experience can be the cause of his apprehension. This can be because he was advised to stay home until his vaccination is complete. Hence, pet owners don’t have the chance of taking their dogs for a ride while they are young.


Wrong Associations

Sometimes, it’s not the experience but the thought of the destination. You may only take your dog for a ride when you travel to its veterinarian for an immunization. Hence, your dog may perceive that every ride will mean another painful injection!


If you happen to have a dog that have phobia in travelling by car, do not give up! There are ways to persuade your pet to enjoy travelling. You can either do some games or other tricks to make the dog get into the car. Remember, even for humans, the “first try” is always scary. So be patient and try to give your dog some time.

Some pet owners would play with their dog inside their cars without having to turn on the engine. This way, their pet gets used to getting into the car until such time when they will be ready to go on an actual road trip. Others also find it effective to feed their dogs their favorite meals inside the car. This way, dogs will develop good associations on them.

Ultimately, your canine will enjoy going to trips with you as the dogs in this video do.