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The latest bombings in New York and New Jersey have once again reminded the people that everyone can be vulnerable to any forms of terroristic attack, even the most powerful country in the world. With this comes the question as to when will all these upheavals be put to an end. And though not all bombings can be blamed to ISIS, everyone felt that the only way to stop all these harassment is to put an end to the largest terrorist groups which is the ISIS itself.

With all these commotions, America’s presidential candidate; Donald Trump has one thing to say; “The country needs to heighten its battle against the Islamic State and the recent bombings only showed that terrorism is one thing that the nation has to be very concerned about”.

Recently, Trump tweeted that America has gone through more terroristic attacks at home compared to the number of victories it gained abroad during Obama-Clinton leadership.  This is what he said to be the perfect solution to this problem; “it is about time to change the playbook”.

Trump was interviewed by Steve Doocy of Fox News and was asked to expound what he meant by “changing the playbook”. NYC’s real estate mogul simply replied that everybody needs to be tough in the fight against the militant group; the ISIS. And that this is what he will exactly do if elected.

Unsatisfied by Trump’s reply, Doocy asked Trump further how he will do it. “I will knock out all of them. We need to gather everybody as one and take the lead to execute necessary changes. The truth is; we are hitting these terrorists once in a while but we are not knocking them out.  True we may hit them in some places but the way we do it is very gentle. Other countries are also affected so might as well gather them together. This is termed as “leadership”.  They need to fight too. In fact, other countries are far more devastated than us so might as well be one in this fight. We must not allow more people getting into our country. And if you leave America to fight for ISIS, never come back again”.

According to Trump, he has already made a secret plan on how to put an end to ISIS. However, he refused to share this to the public so America’s enemy will not know about it. He would also gather plans coming from the country’s military top generals on how to take over this terroristic group. And whichever plan sounds best, that he will implement once elected.

However, Hilary Clinton; the democratic nominee just laughed at Trump’s comments in a press conference held at Philadelphia last Monday.  According to her, Trump opts to keep his plan secret since the truth is; he doesn’t have any plan at all.