Fifty two years old Laurie Beliveau tried to do away with her gas furnace repair expenses by fixing it by herself. However, this caused her in house Taunton, Massachusetts to blow up instead.

It was Sunday afternoon when 9-1-1 received a call from a woman gasping on the other line; “something blew up in my neighbor’s house”, she said. After a while a home exploded at Christine Lane.

According to the officials, the explosion happened to be accidental. They also confirmed that this was a result of a homeowner doing a DIY repair on her furnace. She worked on her fueled hot water heater. This caused the gas to leak to their basement.

It only took 3 minutes before the house went up in flames. And in just 40 minutes, the roof already caved in”, Paul Saltalmacchia; one of the neighbors stated.

When 9-1-1 received the call, the neighbors were uncertain whether the woman was still in her house. That was 4 pm when the call was made.  After a while, the woman came out, hysterical for what has happened. She said she was staying inside her bedroom when the explosion occurred. “I immediately run down the stairs, hoping I can get out right away”, the woman said who felt confused and crazy about the whole thing that happened.

Neighbors said that the woman was very hysterical after the incident happened and warned the neighbors not to get close to her house to avoid further accident.

One of the neighbors; Sandra kouto noticed that the woman was barefooted. They offered a pair of shoes for her but she just continues to run out. Fire fighters worked on putting off the fire the entire night. The next day, the entire home was torn down.

The investigation did by Fire Department Chief Timothy Bradshaw show that the woman altered the gas line, causing it to release a significant amount of gas to the house. Fortunately, no fire fighter was hurt and even the woman was safe after the incident. “The woman is fortunate enough to still be alive”; fire fighters officials said.

Massachusetts fire marshal advised everyone in the neighborhood to always hire licensed professionals when repair is needed for their furnace to avoid such incidence.

“When it comes to repair of utilities or appliances in your home, a certified and trained professional must be hired. I tell you, it’s a wise investment”, Bradshaw said.