The president of University of Oklahoma has condemned the actions of the students that participated in the recorded video chant, he referred to it as being “disgraceful” and also took part in a rally on campus against it.


A black student association of the University of Oklahoma uploaded a video online that showed a fraternity of the school on a bus chanting racial discriminating statements. The video revealed the members of the fraternity saying vehemently with  racially discriminating words that they would never allow a black student into thier group.


The fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon branch at the University of Oklahoma has been banned, and all the students involved have been stopped temporarily.


There was an anti-racism rally on the university campus on Monday, where students protested against the acts of racism. They also rallied for the black group, posting notes of concern and support on the office door of the group, wearing a tape carrying the name of the black group written on it. “We do not believe this is an isolated incident.” said a student activist.


An investigation into the matter will soon begin, this was declared by the former Oklahoma’s governor Mr. Boren. He also stated that “if OU students are involved, this behaviour will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly,”


The national headquarters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were “embarrassed” and referred to this action as “unacceptable and racist”. They also announced the closure of their branch at the University of Oklahoma.


Image:”AdamsHall” by Smb1138Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.