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You may have heard about teens doing a lot of multitasking these days. They can do their homework, listen to music and play video games at the same time. Many of them are also hooked to social media. But what can be surprising is to know from Common Sense Media Report that teens are now spending 9 hours every day using digital technology for entertainment.

Nine hours is quite a number of time spent for media alone. This takes more time they spend with their teachers and parents. And even greater hours spent for rest and sleeping.  Hence, digital technology literally takes more influence on teens and shapes them as a person. With this statistic, Common Sense Media tries to explore ways for parents and teachers to use technology and media to their advantage.

“On the other hand, “tweens” (8-12 years old children) spend approximately 6 hours daily on media and these numbers are really mind blogging”, says chief executive officer James Steyer of Common Sense Media.

“The report simply means teens and kids are living in a digital technology world 24/7 and this is and will be shaping every aspect of their being”, James added.

As per Pew Research Center statistic report on April, 2015, 92% of teens access the internet on a daily basis. This is not surprising considering today’s accessibility to media. Majority of the teens have smart phones and tablets or iPhones are among their common possessions.

Manufacturers of digital technology have also seen the increasing demands of media connectivity in such that they came up with other innovated digital technologies such as the Touch Table by Humelab. This allows anyone to have coffee and enjoy media entertainment at the same time. It is waterproof and robust like a standard coffee table except that it comes with a touchscreen technology that allows you to enjoy the features similar to tablets and smartphones.

Kelly Wellace of CNN refers to the effect of media as the “digital transformation of childhood and adolescence. “The good news is; only 10% of teens spend their time on social media. Many of them would rather watch movie or listen to music and this is a good sign”, Kelly added.

Ask a teen how he would prefer to study his lesson and he will tell he would rather do it listening to music. It’s kind of odd to think how they would feel more empowered when doing multitasking.  But that’s the effect of a digital world and the most that we can do is to use digital technology to their advantage.