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Everyone needs a dental care. However, it is surprising to know that a lot of Americans are not filling this part of their need because they find this very expensive. Obviously, one would hope to get the service of the best Dentist in Denville NJ or from other parts of the country. But many people opt to skip this and exclude dental cost in their budget.

A study conducted showed that among the working age adult population, 13% forgo dental care for one reason; the cost for the service. Noncompliance to the needed dental care has doubled among seniors and tripled among children. And they have the same reason; trying to escape dental expenses. And surprisingly, cost is also considered as impediment among adults who have private insurances.

“Dental insurance do not offer similar financial protection one can avail from a medical insurance”, author of the study Marko Vujicic said. He is the vice president of ADA (American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute. Dental insurance has limit on their annual maximum benefits and the policy holder patient pays the “coinsurance”; the policy holder’s share of cost on the dental services availed.

“If you go for a dental checkup and have a crown, root canal or filling of cavity, you will need to pay 20%-30% coinsurance”, Vujicic caid. “Fillings cost $86 – $606 dollars, root canals range from $511 to $1,274 and crown costs $309 – $1,450.

Although the Affordable Care Act covers the kid’s dental care under the Medicaid programs, the adults do not have the same privilege. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover dental care, making it only an optional Medicaid benefits. In the country’s 22 states, Medicaid can only attend to emergency dental services.

Vujicic, together with his colleagues tried to analyze and discover the barriers that keep children, adult and seniors from availing their needed dental care. They also included intricate survey on the types of insurance. The result of their analysis showed that dental problem is rampant across all ages and many of them belong to the lower income sector of the society. But the problem does not stop from there. “The important shortcomings can be attributed to the existing dental insurance”, authors of the study said.

“It is about time that we redo the insurance model”, Vujicic stated. “Dentists must work on caring for the patient’s overall dental health instead of the patient paying per procedure”, he added.

Vujicic ended his statement with these words; “It’s late, but it’s starting”.