In a recent video by Vougue, starring Deepika Padukone,which is part of a series (#vougueempower) for woman empowerment;she talks how every woman should feel about themselves. What first looked like an ordinary video supporting for women’s rights,it looks like she went a bit overboard in her zealousness.

You can watch this video below


Deepika Padukone comes up and says,

“My choice to marry or not to marry

To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside a marriage, to not have sex

My choice to love temporarily or to lust forever

Remember you are my choice, I am not your privilege

My pleasure may be your pain

My songs, your noise

My order, your anarchy

Your sins, my virtues,”

Though,social media has lauded the bigger message behind the video,it has also drawn a quite a bit of criticism even in liberal media circles citing the obvious hypocrisy,elitist attitude and some commentators have also elicited the video as an example why “feminism” is increasingly become a bad word in recent times. Quartz comments “Fashion and Bollywood thrive on women’s insecurities about themselves and their bodies. They are the propaganda machines of an ultra-narcissistic culture that is constantly telling us the right and the wrong way to do things.”