Deaths in Flint Michigan because of toxic water could have been prevented.During the summer of 2014, many people became very sick in Flint Michigan. Out of the 87 people who got severely ill in the city, nine of them have died so far. According to CNN, these deaths could have been prevented if only the city would have allowed the Center’s for Disease Control to come into the city and help officials test the water. According to the report, the city has to invite the CDC to come in to help them with things such as this.

According to Genesee County Health Director, Jim Henry in Flint Michigan, these deaths could have been prevented if only they would have invited the CDC to come in. Apparently, the illness was Legionnaire’s disease, which made 87 people sick and killed nine of them.

One man who lost his mother to the disease said his daughter will not get to ever see her grandmother again. Troy Kidd says his two-year-old daughter will now not get to grow up with her grandmother because this happened. According to the report, his mother, Debra, went into the hospital with a severe migraine. She ended up being given some medication and being discharged within a few hours. A couple of days later, she ended up with a high fever of 105 degrees and went to another hospital. While she was in this other hospital, her oxygen levels dropped and Troy was told her lungs weren’t working by themselves. She was eventually diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease and ended up dying a couple of days later. Kidd is suing the first hospital for his mother’s death.

The County Health Director, Jim Henry is very angry and upset this is happening to the people in this city. As he was giving an interview with CNN, he grew very upset and angry while talking about the water crisis in Flint.

However, according to Mlive, the USDA is now pushing for the city to provide nutrition programs for those who were exposed to the water and may now have lead poisoning from it, especially the children in the city. They are trying to push the city to provide SNAP benefits for those children who were exposed by drinking the toxic water.

The USDA is also pushing for schools to provide more education on nutrition and allow for students to make their own gardens. After all, the city of Flint is called a food desert. This means access to fresh fruits and vegetables is very limited to many residents of the city.

The report also states that there has been talk among city officials to have fresh produce stands to be placed throughout the city to provide more nutrition to the people of Flint Michigan. This would be nice for them because then, once people have more nutritious food to eat, they will be more proactive in work and school. They will have more energy to be able to be more proactive and to get more done during the school and work day.

Having access to the EBT and SNAP benefits will be just one program people will have access to so that they can eat more nutritiously. There is talk about more programs in the future for the city residents to take advantage of to be able to get the nutrition they need to live a better and more proactive lifestyle.

Another program that officials are talking about getting started in schools in the city is the Community Eligibility Program. There are at least 28 schools that are eligible for this program. This program targets economically depressed areas to bring in more nutritional food to the residents who are eligible for it.

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