Have you ever heard the metaphor; “curiosity killed the cat”? Though this is often used to forewarn anybody who is planning to conduct a dangerous but pointless experimentation, this can also be taken literally. Cats are curious by nature. Put something unfamiliar in front of felines and they will never stop until they will be able to reach it. For one, cats are not very flexible to any changes happening in their environment. Hence, any deviance from what they believe to be normal will ignite their curiosity. That is why it takes so long to train these animals.

Introducing a new potty training for instance will take weeks to months before they master it. If you are wondering why cats are curious, well it is simply because cats are just like you! If you think that they have unusual behavior then you need to know that the feeling is mutual. They also feel that humans have strange activities and they want to know what is going on especially if they feel that they are already part of the family. In such situation, they believe that they have the right to know. After all, we may come as mysterious species for them as well and they wanted to know more about humans better. And because they don’t want to be left out, they feel the need to investigate. Sometimes, they just love pawing on you simply because they want to try what you are eating.

Here’s some funny cat videos about curious cats:

This cat has to know that not all matters are solid

This one forgets that the box has to be bigger than the thing inside it

Does this cat forgot that there are no purple mice or it is just color blind?

This cat needs to know that bath tubs are for bathing.. not drinking

How far can your curiosity take you? Indeed, it can be fun to discover and try new things. But be careful what you are exploring for since you may end up regretting why you even tried messing with something in the first place. The cat on this video has learned a valuable lesson about being curious. And surely, it will never get near any balloon that comes to its sight again!