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Though authorities are unaware where this gun-shaped iPhone case was originally manufacture, such item is sold on many online stores nowadays. Unfortunately, cops do not suggest buying them.

“A lot of people, especially kids secure their phones on their back pocket. And if they need to use it, they simply reach out for it. Unfortunately, if they are using a gun-shaped phone case, authorities may think that they are reaching for a real gun”; retired New Jersey firearms instructor and state trooper Ai Della Fave said.

Della Fave works in the Ocean Country Prosecutor’s Office as a spokesman and he was also the one who shared photo he got from a social media site for cops that was already closed. On the image, the model of the said iPhone case tucked the item on her pocket. Surprisingly, the protruding case resembles a genuine semiautomatic compact pistol.

“If such teenager will be seen by a cop, the police officer will observe the gun’s butt and the trigger guard. Hence, the use of a gun-shaped phone case is not a brilliant idea at all”, Della Fave said.

Another picture was posted on the Facebook with the product’s model holding the said iPhone case in close proximity to her face. Although she’s actually talking through it, she appeared to be brandishing a pistol.

Many online stores sell this gun-shaped item at a price ranging from $5-$49. They are available in various colors too.

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One of its suppliers; Japan Trend Shop’s representative defended their product when she said; “This app is designed for those who want to play Russian Roulette in any parties attended. And there is no need to fret about it since it will certainly not hurt anyone.”

This has caught the attention of an NYPD cop as well from precinct of Queens in New York. He tweeted he won’t recommend using a gun shaped cell phone case since it appears like a real gun. Unfortunately, CNNMoney did not receive any reply from NYPD when they asked about it.

“Though its manufacturer is still not known up to now, the fact that a gun-shaped iPhone case is sold online only means its maker is just out there”, declared Della Fave.