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These days, there is a need to maximize your performance and this can only be possible if you take full advantage of your “brain’s power”.  But most people find it hard to focus for long periods of time. That is why many turn to cognitive enhancing drugs, hoping to increase their brain’s performance.

“There are days when I need to be awake for 20 to 30 hours, just like when I am working on an essay. And taking cognitive enhancing drugs makes this possible”; student; Laurie Pycroft said.

Everyone employs variety of ways to stay awake. A cup of coffee or going for a run can be among them. Hence, majority would find it harmless to try a “smart drug” to achieve the same purpose. One example of this pill is Geniux, which you can avail online. And truly, brain enhancing pills are becoming very accessible these days. For scientists, cognitive enhancing drugs will play a significant role in the society as long as it will be regulated properly.

A survey was conducted by Newsnight and New Scientist Magazine. They sent anonymous online questionnaire to check how many are taking cognitive enhancing pill out of 761 subjects they have chosen. The result is surprising, Thirty eight percent of the subjects are taking such drug and 40% of them buy the product online.  And 92% of them expressed the desire to buy the product again.

“After taking the pill, I finished writing 22 pages. After revising it for a short time, I was given “A” for it. It usually takes me a week just to write a rough draft. But with a cognitive enhancing pill, I did not only finished my essay task but made it perfectly.” One of the subjects said.

Professor Barbara Sahakian from Cambridge University’s unit of brain and mind sciences is experimenting on cognitive enhancing drugs for people with Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. She and her team wish to improve the cognitive ability of these patients.

Cognitive enhancing drugs have far wider part in society. In one of my study, sleep deprived surgeons do better on their jobs when taking these drugs”, professor Sahakian said. “More progress in our society is expected as long as a safe cognitive improvement drugs are available”, she added.

Human nature has the desire to always exceed beyond one’s limitation. But regulators are also pushing pharmaceuticals to conduct a long term study on the safety of cognitive enhancing drugs. According to Dr. Sahakian, even a 10% increase on one’s brain’s performance will result to a higher A-level mark which is a significant improvement. But what if the improvement even becomes higher-50%-100%? Surely saying no to the drug will be very hard to do.