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A lot of companies and private individuals are turning to cloud storage to backup, manage and maintain their data. In a recent study conducted, the market of public cloud services is expected to go beyond $244 billion dollars. Statistics also showed that organizations that are gaining competitive advantage on cloud storage have doubled over the last few years. But amidst all these, Steve Wozniac (Fusion.o scientist and Apple co-founder) declared that the cloud will create horrible issues in the future.

“The thought that everything is going to the cloud worries me a lot. In fact, I perceive this to create horrible problems five years from now”, Mr. Wozniac said.

However, to Baiju NT; editor of “Big Data Made Simple” cloud storage offers a lot of advantages.

“Cloud storage offers a lot of benefits when it comes to usability, bandwidth, accessibility, disaster recovery and cost savings”, Baiju said.

Many cloud storage options have innovated over time, hoping to find its place as the best cloud storage in the market. Hence, users can now simply drag files between folders, send web links instead of files, access stored files anywhere through the internet, backup important files with ease and reduce yearly operation cost of one’s business.

Now, public cloud services have become a very competitive business. Hence, it becomes cheaper over time, costing only 3 cents per gigabyte. Apart from that, it won’t require internal power to store data remotely. Hence, it offers great savings to any business.

However, Wozniak perceived cloud storage in a different perspective. “The problem with cloud storing is that uploading data to a third party will somehow lose your ownership to the file”, he said. “Since you will need to agree to the terms of the cloud service, it literally means you have signed all your data away”, Wozniak added.

Wozniak always want to feel the sense of ownership to all his files. According to him, one cannot be so confident to have all of one’s file stored on the computer. After all, transferring them to the cloud simply means one will have less control over one’s files.

Everyone is entitled to one’s opinion and this does not exclude Mr. Wozniak. However, after his thoughts have been heard, many still rely on cloud storage after they have proven this to be very useful in their business. Hence, we can only expect it to be with us for more years to come.