The National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program has endorsed the carpet cleaning Electrodry earlier last year, but the company has now allegedly been left by numerous franchisees, due to worries about the chemicals which could cause medial issues, and damage the carpets.

The Electrodry company told the franchisees in a conference held in 2010, that to get endorsed, they would need to undergo an all-encompassing process of testing, for nine months straight, and be charged 11 dollars per week for endorsement.


This revelation came after legal actions initiated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which accused the Electridry Carpet Cleaning company that it posted fake online testimonials in 2014. The entire problem was created by Tinopal, a chemical which is used as an optical brightener, and which was introduced by Electrodry in 2012. The anonymous source confirmed that he had some issues with the introduction of a new chemical, as he read numerous online articles that claimed that optical brighteners can yellow with age, and can even cause severe respiratory problems.

The same source stated that the company’s website claimed that the business is offering environment friendly carpet cleaning, and that this revelation contradicts the mentioned claims. “The representations made to us at the time we entered into the franchise that cleaning was in accordance with Australian Standards was false at the time we entered the agreement… The manual received with our agreements state ‘our company’s certified technicians perform a four-step process that meets the Australian Standards for carpet cleaning’,” the franchisee said in the statement.

The entire procedure and process have attracted the full attention of the market, with thousands of owners of carpet cleaning companies still awaiting to see how the situation will resolve, as lots of chemicals commonly used in this industry are potentially dangerous. This legal action can have a domino effect on the entire market, not only in Australia, but also in the global level. With the raising concern and consciousness about the importance of environment friendly development in the entire industry, nothing spells bad news better than an incident like this one.