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After coming home from an adventure trip, Cassi Van Den Dungen was frustrated to find out that only 14 of her followers in Instagram liked her adventure posts. This came out as a shock to her considering the fact that she has more than 8,000 followers. This Australian model further related that this is the lowest likes she ever had in social media.

“What happened is very disappointing to me. And there are only 2 reasons why I am not receiving in as much likes as I expected. Either my followers don’t like me to have fun or they hate new adventures.  For those who did not like my post, you all suck! But for those 14 who liked my adventure posts, bring them it on”. Cassi posted in Instagram.

Cassi’s reaction called everyone’s attention. In fact, Running Bare; an activewear brand quoted what she said which states “Say yes to new adventures”.

However, her reaction also created criticism among many. One commenter wrote;” How can she (referring to Van Den Dungen) claim that indulging to new adventure is fun when she gauge the level of its success by the numbers of likes she get from social media”.

“This is a very sad story. It only goes to show that you are getting approval from strangers. It is a reflection on who you are. And in this case, you better see someone who can help”, another commenter noted.

More than just a model, Cassi Van Den Dungen is also a mother of a 4 year old son. She has been through tough times of her career too. In 2014’s Mercedes Benz fashion week, she modeled the collection of Alex Perry. But instead of impressing every one of her beauty, she left the crowd feeling worried about her health. She had skeletal legs, very skinny arms and a gaunt face. As a result, Jackie Frank; past editor of Marie Claine phoned her manager after the show and was reprimanded for allowing Cassi towalk down the runway, considering her health condition. And this was what Alex Perry admitted that it was their fault for lacking the judgment and allowing Cassi to join the fashion show.

The experience of Cassi is just one example on how influential a social media can do on any person’s life. Just like Cassi, if you think it will lift your esteem to be liked in Instagram, you first step is to buy Instagram followers. This way, you can be assured that a lot of them out there will be reading your post.