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Twenty three year old driver Shammas Rehman was put into jail for 12 months after hitting a woman pregnant for 8 months due to a car accident which caused her death. The car ploughed over pregnant mom; Tahira Parven who was in her 30’s in Birmingham.

The insurers denied financial assistance to the accident simply due to Shamma’s failure to keep the vehicle in the garage.

The hearing of the case was done in Birmingham Crown Court. And though Shammas insisted that he has insured the vehicle, the insurers did not pay for the accident since he did not place the car inside the garage overnight. The BMW 3 Series car was actually owned by his friend who run a car hire business. And since this is part of the policy, the accident was not covered.

The event took place when Tahira was taking her daughter to her nursery class. Little did she know that she will be stuck on the pavement of the city’s Small Heath Area. There were other victims of the accident too. Among them are the 2 young children with their mother who were also injured because of the accident.

Shammas was on his way to pick up family members to drive them to a wedding in London. He used to be driving using a smart car. And only this time, he drives a bigger car when the accident happened.

The family of Tahira Parven grieved at her death. Her husband, Zubair Hussain was in deep pain that caused him to utter this statement; “When a mother die, it creates a great vacuum that will be very hard to fill. This tragic event will always leave great psychological load to our children”.

At the hearing, it was found out that the car failed MoT test since it had a faulty Dynamic Stability Control system.  Hence, the court reprimanded Shammas and told him that he must have exercised caution and only run in moderate speed. Rehman admitted that he spotted the car’s warning light but ignored the warning and did not adjusted his speed. He said he also run to more than 30 mph but not in great excess.

“I admit that I have made inappropriate acceleration despite the road and the weather and that my wheels crossed such a mini-roundabout moments”, Shemmas claimed.

As for the judge, such event is considered to be catastrophic, causing a devastating impact to the victim and their families.