Although when most people hear the word psychopath or psychopathy, they think of the criminally insane, this isn’t always true. Some people who have psychopathic tendencies can even be good, loving, and caring people. This is because not all psychopathic people are criminals or even evil at all. This might be surprising to some people but it is true, according to The Conversation. They say that some psychopathic people are successful psychopaths. This just means they can get away with conning people so that they get their way every time they want something.

The way some psychopaths are, is that they sometimes make up things to make them look like a successful person. They will tell you lie after lie to make them look better in your eyes and more importantly, their own eyes.

Because of the fact that many psychopathic people seem to be regular people, some of them actually live among us. You don’t have to go to a prison all the time to find a psychopath because they aren’t all killers, just really good liars. Sometimes they spin a tale so good that they even believe it themselves. Basically, psychopathic people are pathological liars and will believe their own lies just as much as we believe them.

There could be help for these people, after all. They could be like this because of a change in testosterone levels. This means, according to Medical News Today, testosterone therapy could be good therapy for psychopaths. This is because there may be weak connections in the brain causing them to have psychopathic tendencies. Once they get the testosterone levels they need in their body, they could become more normal, truthfully.

According to Medical News Today, a research study was done by the Donder’s Institute at Radboud University in The Netherlands. They studied 15 psychopathic criminals and found some interesting information about the testosterone effect on regular emotions. The research study that was done didn’t just have 15 criminal offenders but also a group of healthy people. They all had to complete tasks associated with MRI machines. They were all shown different images of different faces and were told to move the joystick toward themselves if the face was a friendly one and away from themselves if the face was not friendly.

When moving the joystick, this required control in their brain. When the healthy participants moved the joystick, either toward them or away from them depending on the face they saw in the image, this would show their brains communicating with the emotion center, technically the amygdala, and the prefrontal cortex.

According to the research study, the same brain activity was not seen in the psychopathic criminal offenders. Not only this, but those people with higher endogenous testosterone levels had a lot less activity in the prefrontal region of the brain. This is interesting!

Although psychopathy has long been untreatable, many scientists are now arguing that if patients with ADHD and depression can be treated for their mental illness, why can’t psychopathic people also be treated for their illness?

What would happen if you found out you were a psychopath? According to Attn, another research study was done in The Netherlands where participants were told to watch movie clips of two people interacting with one another. While watching the second movie clip, they were also told to try to empathize with the actors. Now, while watching the third movie clip, they were told to imitate what the actors were doing.

During this study, it was found that the psychopaths are capable of empathizing with other people as long as they switch to ‘empathize’ mode. On one hand this is good because they can now recognize when they should empathize with someone and work toward producing more of those empathizing emotions. However, on the other hand, they could use these empathetic emotions to control their victims more.

So, what would you do if you found out you were a psychopath?