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There was a call for the federal government in Nigeria to ban all commercial ads on tobacco products since the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of such country believe that smoking can cause problems on erection. This was verified by Dr. Frank Odafen; president of AGPMPN at a press briefing for a Family Doctors’ Day celebration this coming Thursday. This year’s theme will be “smoking cessation and the family”.

There are many illnesses caused by smoking which includes lung cancer, cardiovascular problems, birth defects, COPD and of course; erectile dysfunction.

“There are more than 1 billion people in the world who now smoke. Illnesses brought by such practice allow smokers to only live half of their lives compared to non-smokers”; Dr. Odafen said.  According to the World Health Organization, 5 million people in the world died because of smoking. The deadly effects of cigarettes are heart attacks, erectile disorder, cancer of the lung, birth defects and chronic pulmonary diseases. With this, Dr. Odafen requested the government’s intervention that wholesome laws be enacted against smoking to protect not just the smokers but the non-smokers as well.

According to AGPMPN, the government must ban smoking in all public places as well as transport systems. To ensure implementation of such law, high taxation must be imposed to tobacco manufacturers. And the National Broadcasting Corporation must come up with ads over the radio and on television that will discourage people from smoking.

Another term for erectile dysfunction is impotence. This can be caused by many psychological and physical factors and one is cigarette smoking. When the person smokes, it damages one’s blood vessel. Erectile dysfunction happens when there is poor circulation to the penis. Hence, the only way to improve health and sexual performance is by quitting smoking.

Smoking has many health risks. And this destroys every part of your system. It contains chemicals which can injure the blood vessel’s lining and alter their function. These chemicals harm your cardiovascular health, kidneys, brain and many other tissues in your body. And since erection can only happen upon the expansion of the arteries in your penis, this can never happen if poor circulation is happening on this area. Even the nervous system can’t function properly, making it hard to initiate sexual arousal.

Pleasure is the only reason why people smoke. But if this damages your entire body, would you still trade pleasure to your heath?