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California is known to have a Mediterranean –like weather. Hence, expect it to be experiencing a dry and warm summer with temperature reaching to more than 27° C. But things can even get worse in the presence of drought. And though winter can be wet, drought is still forecasted to continue. There has been huge precipitation deficit for the past 4 years and the damage that was brought to the ecosystem of California will still need time to recover. This worries a lot of California residents. This would mean spending summer without enjoying the pleasure of lounging in cold pools. And to pool building companies, this would mean getting fewer construction projects on california pools while the drought’s effects are still unresolved.

Governor Jerry Brown ordered the residents of California to lower down their use of water up to 25%. Such restriction caused headache to hot tub retailers as well as bay area pool builders. After the order to limit water use was mandated, a lot of pool construction projects were cancelled. And contractors are left with the challenge to show their ingenuity to look for water sources for pools which the city refused to fill.

“The directive to restrict water use bothered me a lot that it deprived me from sleep at night. I am thinking that if the water condition will take much longer, it will be about time that I start looking for another work”, Marc Hannigan said; pool building company manager in San Jose. It is in San Jose where the water use restriction is strictly implemented. In fact, top off pools can only be filled up to 1 foot water and filling out the pool is strictly prohibited, otherwise a penalty of $160 in every offense needs to be paid.

Apart from San Jose, other cities of California follow a “no pool filling” law. Even a landscaping project is strictly prohibited.  “This is like hitting the pause button on all major water consumption”, admitted Mayor Sam Liccardo.

However, the new water use rule did not stop pool builders from finding ways to help their business thrive in the market. In fact, they exert the effort of draining a pool under renovation and take it to a newly constructed pool through truck to fill it with water. Even industries involving massive use of water like spas and pools are trying ways to make the public understand that hot tubs and pools do not symbolize extravagance at a timer of a drought.

However, Santa Cruz and San Jose’s Hot Springs Spas Vice President defended their use of hot tub as the best way to conserve water when she said; “it only takes 10 gallons of water a month to refill our hot tubs and this can be used frequently for the entire week to relieve our client’s aching joints and muscles. This is far better than allowing customers to run a shower for a very long time”.

“I think the best way to conserve water is to let me know how much water I am allowed to consume. Just don’t direct me how to use it”, she added.