Quay Valley, a full technologically based community might be built soon in California. The city will have a transportation system that is the fastest when compared to other transport systems around the world.


Quay Valley will not depend on the existing facilities in the state of California because it will be self maintained, this means that the power system here will be derived solely from solar energy. The proposed city will be located on a large farmland of about 7500 acres, somewhere outside the Kings County.


Quay Hays, the brain behind this great project, says that  “It’s simply the way a community should be developed”. There will be twenty- five thousand homes, with lots of hotels, resorts and restaurants as well.


The city will also be self -sustained, depending absolutely on solar power and a fast transport system that is outstanding. Work will soon be started for the commencement of the HyperLoop mega city. Chief Executive Officer of HyperLoop Transportation Technology, Dirk Ahlborn said that “It’s a good fit for us, we are the transportation of the future and they are the town of the future”.


The Kings County are the ones to decide on the creation of this city, hence HyperLoop has tendered the first application for approval on the 13th of February. “We have an application, a preliminary design plan, we are reviewing that to see if we have a complete application or needed additional information.” this was said by the Community Development Agency and Greg Gatzka.


The Community Development Agency are going to be reviewing factors like the availability of resources for running the city and other legal frameworks needed.


The most important factor to be considered is the level of water available for usage in the proposed community. “Given the constraints of water, nothing goes without water and that’s a reality, we do not have it here in King’s County.” this was the statement given by Judi Freitas in response to the question about the availability of sufficient water to run the proposed city outside of King’s County.


To solve the problem of sufficient water supply, Quay Hays proposes to “set new standards, in lowering the amount of water needed” and they plan to accomplish this by “recapturing and reusing every drop that’s used”. The vision of transforming a vast area of country side farmland to a mega city remains paramount in his mind.