Attorney General  Jerry Brown speaks news conference disclose new developments in his prope of excessive salaries in the City of Bell, in Los Angeles  Monday, July 19,     2010. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)
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September 25 was marked as a day of victory for the “Death with Dignity movement” since finally; the Senate submitted the bill allowing critically ill patients to die through the help of their doctors. This refers to the “End of Life Option Act”.

This Wednesday, the said act was submitted in the state Assembly. This gives the terminally ill patients to choose not to prolong their lives anymore according to their personal preferences. However, such right will only granted to patients who are diagnosed to only have 6 months or less to live. And this must be affirmed by 2 doctors.

The patient must also express one’s desire to die by forwarding a written request. Two oral requests are also needed which must be at least 15 days apart, stating one’s intention to die with dignity. 15 days allowance is set to prove that the patient has a good mental capacity to decide on one’s health.

This has created different response among the government officials. Gov. Gerry Brown for instance has not indicated yet if he will sign this bill for it to become a law. After all, he has spent years in a Jesuit seminary before he started his political career.

The “End of Option Act” came about through the inspiration offered by Brittany Maynard. She was diagnosed at 29 years old with brain cancer and all she wanted from then on is to end her life with dignity.

“I am sad that I will be leaving my family and friends. However, I wouldn’t want to suffer pain for a very long time due to this incurable illness. All I need is to die with dignity and be granted a gentle death”, Brittany stated.

However, the “End of Life Option Act” is still pending, and can only become a law starting next year when Governor Brown signs on it. Hence, the fate of this act is all on this governor’s hands.