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According to a survey conducted by Manta, 70% of small business owners in California have now become supporters of Donald Trump. And since many businesses are going online these days, will this mean increase in the demand flow of Sacramento seo services as well?

“We like him because he’s not a Washington insider”, claimed 46% of small business owners when asked about Trump.

Majority of voters in California felt the same way. However, this is not a “sure win battle” for Trump. California voters admit that they may still waver if a true contender will come along.

“Although presently, statistic results showed to be on Trump’s side, if undecided California voters will support another presidential candidate other than Trump, winning the race can be anyone’s game”, says John Swanciger of Business Times.

Twenty nine percent of small business owners admitted that they still don’t have any fixed name on mind. And according to Swancinger, California can be a good place for any challenger since many of its people’s votes are still out for grabs.

In Tennessee, businessman Burl Hiles voted for Trump during Tennessee’s Republican presidential primary. He said he want something different and went on saying that he don’t mind if what he did was wrong. He even gave $2,700 dollars to support Trump’s campaign. For him, the country is getting closer to becoming a socialistic every year.

“I like the constitution’s amendment on balanced budget and term limits and I think Trump is the person who will make the needed change”, Hiles said.

These small time businessmen also commend Trump’s success in business. In fact, they consider this as his main appeal. G2 organics’ owner Cherie Corso is one of them.

“From a marketing’s point of view, I find Trump to be very brilliant”, Cherie said. “His people to people marketing technique really amazes me. That’s why I follow the same business strategy too”, she added.

“Understanding the obstacles that small businesses need to go through and seeing him winning the presidency regardless of what his critiques do to him is indeed a great inspiration to all small time entrepreneurs like me. I like it when he stays on his lane and just keeps moving forward. It’s just like small entrepreneurs plowing through and moving forward regardless of any obstacles they go through”, Cherie stated.

To Cherie, Trump is spreading a good energy; something that small time entrepreneurs like her needs the most.  Cherie is selling beauty products online. As more and more people get inspired by Trump and venture into business, there will be more businessmen, competing in their trades too. But if Trump wins, will he still continue to inspire these businessmen to exert more effort to succeed in their business? And if they go with the trend and go online, they will need something to boost their site and make it on the first page of the search engine. And this is when SEO services will be needed most.