Do you know that 1 out of 4 children are being bullied nowadays? This can be your kids, your sibling or even you. Surprisingly, this is a cycle that is very common not just among our youngsters. This is an issue that even adults find hard to deal with. And the question is; how can this be stopped? It is does not only create immediate problem in our society but it affects the lives of those people that have been ridiculed at some points of their lives. In fact, kids who are bullied sometimes turn up to be bullies as well if given the chance to.
Well, here are 5 ways to stop bullying:

Ignore your offenders
If you just shrug your shoulder or ignore those people who ridicule you then they have no reason to keep on repeating their undesirable behavior. But this does not mean that paying no attention to what has been done means you are scared of fighting back. Don’t ever show them that you are afraid. If they still keep on doing what they are doing, tell them you have other more important things to do and you need to say this in full composure and full dignity. Don’t allow them to hurt you. This gives the message that you are not the right target for them.

Always walk with companies
Most people who are bullied are the loners. They are those who do not have anybody to fight for them. If you are often found with your groups of friends, this sends a message that you have many people who will fight for you when offended.

Do not allow them to dominate your feelings
Bullies would love to see you hurt of cry. However, it can be frustrating on their side if you react the other way around. If you just laugh at their offensive jokes then they may think you are weird. But this also means they did not succeed in their goals.

Always remember your self-worth
Remember that no one can turn you down as long as you know how great you are. This allows you to surpass rumors, making you strong amidst all controversies.
Learn some self defense
Sometimes, bullies can be brutal. Out of frustration, they may even plot a plan to hurt you. Surprise them by learning self-defense like martial arts. With this, they will know whom they are dealing with.

Watch this video and see how this guy dealt with his bully roommate.