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Hitmen raided a Nigerian village while riding on their motorcycles at night. This burned many homes and killed more than 65 people.

Dalori village was attacked by Boko Haram militants. This area is adjacent to Maiduguri which is located in Nigeria’s northern Borno state. During the course of the attack, Dalori village locals run and hid into the bush while witnessing assailants burned their homes Saturday night. Dalori houses more than 20,000 individuals.

Boko Haram exceeded the terror done by ISIS and was even touted as the deadliest group in the world. Apart from the 65 people who died during their Dalori Village invasion, 136 individuals were also injured.  On the Twitter account of National Emergency Management Agency, the numbers of casualties are even higher.

“There were 85 people killed and additional 16 individuals missing”, Haruna Mshelia; Borno State Health Commissioner said.

“There were also some women who were kidnapped by the group. However, I can’t account how many they were”, Emergency Agency Chief Mohammed Kanar said.

“The violence took place after the villagers said their evening prayers Saturday night. The gunmen suddenly came to the village and set the village ablaze”, reported one of the residents; Kulo Sheriff. “Two bombs were set which caused confusion and fright among us. We then sought refuge into the bush and stayed there while watching our homes get burned”, he added.

As per a local media report, there were more than 20 people who were burned to death in their homes during the incident.

“Despite the cold weather, we were left with no choice but to sleep in the bush without any blanket to keep us warm. It was such a frightening experience to listen to soldiers fighting against the Boko Haram aggressors”, Kyari stated.

Boko Haram group has been causing a lot of chaos in the nation for years. Its mission is to impose a more stringent implementation of Sharia law all over Africa’s biggest nation. This includes many Muslim at the north and a lot of Christians at the south.

The militant group has bombed mosques, churches and schools. They abducted children and women and killed even religious leaders and politicians.

Boko Haram admitted that they are the deadliest terror group considering the numbers of people they killed in Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad. In total, they have killed 6,644 individuals in 2014 alone. In 2015, the numbers increased to 300% as per Global Terrorism Index report. Thus, the group has killed more people that the ISIS.