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One highlight in Rio 2016 is its Paralympic Games held in Brazil from September 7-18. Watching the disabled athletes was such an inspiring experience. It left wonderful memories as shown on videos and photos of athletes’ medal winning performances and bios. However, a behind the scene performance touches everyone’s heart. And this is the person behind all these colorful pictures; photographer Joao Maia.

Joao is visually impaired since he was 28. His vision can only work on an object standing 1 meter from him. Anything further will only appear as mixtures of colors. But despite such condition, he was able to come up with breathtaking photographs. And he did all these using his senses and based his photography skills in every sound that he hears or each color that he sees. His passion in photography made him sensitive enough to feel the right angle in his every shot.

“My passion in photography started when I was 14 years of age. That is why losing my sight makes me very sad”, Joao said.

However, his disability did not stop Joao from becoming the person that he wants to be. So, he enrolled special courses offered for disabled individuals and improved in the career that he dreams of having. The training helped him regained confidence and become happy again.

“All I can see are contrasts of colors. And when these colors move, they give me the direction. For instance, when I see white and blue colors or yellow and black, they remained on my vision. My hearing is also very useful. They guide me on where to capture the photo”, Joao related.

When taking pictures of moving objects, he uses the sound to serve as his guide. A 5 side football and goal ball for instance will help him know where the action is taking place. Becoming a photographer is everything he ever wanted and he can’t believe that his dream has now been realized.

Teary eyed, this is what Joao said; “I feel that I am representing a lot of people, specifically those who are visually impaired. I believe that all must be confident that that they are capable of doing something. All they need to do is to study and improve”.

For Joao, he owes his skills in photography to his ability to feel. “I can feel the place I am in, the things that I am touching and the people around me. Indeed, everything has something to do with my senses”, he admitted.

All these only mean that photography is more than just the gadgets and technology used. The person behind it plays a very vital part. And this is one principle that Charlotte Boudoir Photographer stands for.