BlackBerry has just launched its new Security based tablet, called SecuTablet. The company has a poor history when it comes to tablet devices, as its first tablet release known as the PlayBook fumbled due to a clumsy launch and a premature software. After the poor turn over from the PlayBook tablet product, the company has avoided the tablet market until now.



So, BlackBerry has returned to the tablet market now with a focus on providing security through its SecuTablet device. The new product’s software is unique to BlackBerry, but the hardware is just a revamp of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, indicating its obvious partnership with Samsung in the production of Hardware to be able present a suitable tablet for government use and to also compete advantageously in the tablet market.

Data and voice entered into the SecuTablet is first encrypted before transfer, using SecuSmart’s security card technology, a company that was bought by BlackBerry in 2014. “The project was started long before BlackBerry acquired Secusmart,” this was stated by Secusmart managing director Hans-Christoph Quelle, who is presently the senior vice president at BlackBerry.

Apart from Samsung, BlackBerry also partnered with IBM to develop a very secure software for the tablet so that it can be safe for government’s use while integrating other online applications like YouTube and FaceBook.

The SecuTablet is very expensive considering the fact that it affords high level security, since it was produced targeting governmental use. An ordinary Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 goes for about $500, but the revamped version of it produced as a collaborative effort of BlackBerry, Samsung, IBM, and SecuSmart, which is the SecuTablet is sold for $2,360. However, this is not too expensive for governments and other organizations that would want a very secure data and voice transfer for all activities perform on the mobile device.