Forbes magazine just released the list of the World’s Billionaires and Bill Gates tops this list as the wealthiest man. He has been the first on Forbes list for 16 times out of 20.


The founder of Microsoft has emerged best again ahead of Carlos Slim the Mexican businessman, with a net worth that has increased to $79 billion, over $3 billion  more than the previous year.


Forbes data shows that there are now 1,826  more billionaires around the globe. Revealing that 181 new billionaires joined the list within the previous year that ended in February 2015. The prestigious magazine also said that, Bill Gates, the brain behind Microsoft has emerged the number one on the list 16 times in 21 years. This makes Mr. Gates, an all time richest man on earth.


Warren Buffet the great investor in the United States got back his previous third position with a net worth of $72.7 billion, from the creator of Zara, the fashion company based in Spain, Amancio Ortega.


Below is the data from Forbes Magazine, listing the top ten billionaires globally  in 2015:

  1. Founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates with a net worth of$79.2 billion.
  2. Mexican Phone and Construction Tycoon – Carlos Slim Helu with a net worth of$77.1 billion.
  3. Global Investor – Warren Buffett with a net worth of $72.7billion.
  4. Owner of Zara Fashion Chain – Amancio Ortega with a net worth of $64.5 billion.
  5. Founder of Oracle Database Technology – Larry Ellison with a net worth of $54.3 billion.
  6. An Industrialist – Charles Koch with a net worth of $42.9 billion
  7. An Industrialist – David Koch with a net worth of $42.9 billion.
  8. Walmart retail giant – Christy Walton with a net worth of $41.7 billion.
  9. Walmart retail giant – Jim Walton with a net worth of $40.6 billion
  10. L’Oreal Cosmetics –  Bettencourt with a net worth of$40.1 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder has made it into the top 20 list of billionaires of Forbes. This shows that technological firms are on top of the business world. The amount of money needed to enter the top 20 billionaires list has decreased to $29 billion, $2 billion less than last year.


Six out of the list of top 20 billionaires were Chief Executives or Founders from the United States owned technological companies. This has repeated again this year, indicating that technological companies are dominating others in global business.


John Walton’s widow, Christy Walton a co-owner of the Walmart retail giant company, emerged as the first woman in the top ten billionaires list. Making her the richest woman globally, and she has retained this position for five years now.


Evan Spiegel, Snapchat messenger’s co-owner has emerged the World’s youngest billionaire at the age of 24 years worth $1.5 billions.


The United States firms and individuals appear the most in the top 20 list, and 15 of the richest people on earth are from America. There are 290 newcomers in Forbes list, 71 out of these are from China. Forbes published data indicated 46 billionaires that are below 40 years in age.



Image:”Bill gates portrait“. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 br via Wikimedia Commons.