7 Best Recliners for Sleeping (Most Comfortable)

When it comes to furniture, a recliner looks like any other chair on the market. It is generally designed to be comfortable but recliners for sleeping provide more comfort and convenience with its additional mechanisms. It is perfect for working people, for nursing mothers and for the elderly. Instead of walking to your bedroom to catch some decent sleep, this can be a makeshift bed to recharge your energy. We have shortlisted the following models after considering more than 20 models available in the market. So, if you are looking for the best recliner for sleeping, explore these 7 models below.

Most Comfortable Recliners For Sleeping

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner

Coming as the Editor’s Choice in this list, this rocker recliner for sleeping is indeed one of the best. When it comes to selecting the most comfortable recliner for sleeping, this can surely impress you with its performance. Available with manual operation, this recliner only requires less than 15 minutes for unboxing and assembling. It is hassle-free to operate with its reclining lever mechanism to recline its backrest and lift its leg rest. With its size, it makes a great recliner for tall users that need extra height to stretch their long legs for comfort.best recliner for sleeping

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 117 pounds with 40 x 66 x 42 inches product dimension
  • 5 inches seat thickness with 21 inches seat depth attached to the armrests with 5 inches height from it
  • Contemporary style with brown finish is filled with CA117 fire-resistant foam
  • LeatherSoft is leather material combined with polyurethane for an added durability and softness
  • Recessed lever recliner allows you to adjust its backrest from 39 inches minimum depth up to 66 inches maximum depth
  • The rocking function allows it to move in a gentle back and forth rocking motions for a more relaxing feeling

Even though we can enjoy some quality sleep every day, it still comes as a luxury for some of us. Everyone is busy working and saving money for the future that we sometimes forget to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Thus, this rocker recliner is what we recommend for those who need to catch some sleep without getting up.


  • CAL 117 and GreenGuard Certified
  • Extra wide and made from eco-friendly materials
  • Great for elders and adults who experience trouble in sleeping
  • Ideal to be used as a nursery chair by nursing mothers to soothe babies


  • The back and leg rest can’t be operated separately
  • The attached bolts are too short to work well with its thick wood

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Dorel Living Tan Padded Dual Massage Rocker Recliner

In case you need some extra pampering on weekends or simply right after work, get a massage recliner. As the #1 in this list, this model comes with an additional massage function aside from its reclining function. It also works great for the elders who prefer to be pampered and get a massage at home. To make it more ideal for relaxation and sleep, Dorel also designed it as a makeshift rocker recliner. This way, they no longer have to leave this chair whenever they feel like rocking gently while getting a massage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 75 pounds with 41 x 36 x 40 inches product dimension
  • Classic style with Dorel hallmark is combined with a solid frame and classic lever reclining mechanism
  • Upholstered using a microfiber fabric that is easy to clean and feels soft to the touch
  • Foam padded seating guarantees its comfort and durability even after years of regular use
  • Sewn-in seat and backrest cushions help alleviate body pains
  • Dual powered massager function provides therapeutic relief while allowing it to rock gently
  • Wired remote lets you control its massage functions anytime you like

In spite of using its simple design as a façade, this recliner is actually a massage and rocker chair too. Therefore, anyone can get this 3-in-1 at an affordable price.


  • Requires minimal assembly only
  • Features dual massage zones located on the seat and backrest
  • Provides fully upholstered pad supports for legs and knees
  • Offers high and low option settings for its zone massage function


  • Produces more like a vibration only that is too loud instead of a massage
  • The paddings on the armrests break down faster

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Flash Furniture Contemporary Victory Lane Taupe Fabric Rocker Recliner

Are you stuck with a small budget but determined to get a nice recliner? In that case then this Flash Furniture might work as it is the Best Budget Pick in this list. In less than $300, you can already purchase this model and enjoy its additional rocking function. With its gentle rocking motion, your body and mind can relax faster which can help you sleep better. Even parents can take advantage of this rocker recliner when putting their little ones to sleep. This overstuffed rocker recliner is a must-have for budget-seekers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 90 pounds with 66 x 37 x 41 inches product dimension
  • Plush armrests with 4.5 inches height from the seat and 19 inches height from floor
  • Fixed seat with 21 inches depth and 20 inches width
  • Contemporary design under the Victory Lane collection with a standard recliner size
  • An exclusive rocking base for its rocker function allows it to move it in a gentle rocking motion to fight insomnia
  • Quick pull lever allows you to adjust its reclining position from 40 inches minimum depth up to 66 inches maximum depth

When it comes to the Best Budget Pick, this is one of the top models that we can recommend. It offers a combination of a rocker and a recliner chair which makes it a 2-in-1 chair with better functions. From watching TV to reading or enjoying your family’s company, we can still catch some sleep without getting up. With its price, it can also make a nice gift for anyone who needs it.


  • Soothing rocking motion aids adults and babies in sleeping
  • Offers a hassle-free manual operation with its quick pull lever
  • Functional recliner chair for living rooms and bedrooms
  • Allows spot cleaning with the help of any water-based cleaner


  • The armrests are a little too low to offer optimum support and comfort
  • Doesn’t allow a lower reclining position for sleeping

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Power Lift Recliner Charcoal

If you are having problems with sitting or standing, this Power recliner can be a great help. Aside from offering reclining angles to achieve different levels of comfort, it lifts too. Thus, you can never have to worry about putting your knees and back into misery. This lift recliner is designed to help those with limited mobility and allow them to enjoy some independence. Thus, it is also great for those have healing wounds since it is comfortable to help in emotional and physical rehabilitation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 114 pounds with 39 x 37 x 41 inches product dimension
  • Casual style with charcoal color and well-padded pillow arms for a plush feeling
  • Fully upholstered recliner with chocolate textured chenille fabric
  • Reclining mechanism allows you to adjust its reclining position from 110 degrees angle to 130 degrees angle
  • 100% made from polyester material that guarantees its fabric’s longer life span
  • Wired remote control its reclining and lifting function


  • Works great as a casual or functional lift recliner
  • Ideal for assisting people with limited mobility when sitting and standing
  • Includes side pouches for storage
  • Easy to operate with a remote control


  • Produces a clunking sound when reclining and lifting
  • Takes too long to lift and lower back to its original position

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Homcom Luxury Dark Brown Faux Leather Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

If you’re looking for a chair that has everything from swivel, rocker, massager, heater, and recliner, this is it. It can rotate in full 360 degrees or rock gently until sleep knocks on you. Aside from its recline function that can be adjusted up to 150 degrees, it also has a massage function. Its massage function spreads its vibration from your upper body down to your calves to prevent legs inflammation. At the same time, its heat function targets your body aches and pains around the waist area. Therefore, you can always enjoy quality sleep on this chair.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 110 pounds with 35 x 34 x 31 inches product dimension
  • Modern overstuffed recliner gives it a warm and inviting look
  • Allows up to 150 degrees reclining angle for sleeping
  • 5 pre-programmed modes with 2 intensity levels to choose from for its massage and heat functions
  • 8 vibrating motors provide a relaxing massage session that targets your lower and upper back, thighs, and calves
  • Wired remote control lets you adjust and shift between different functions on settings


  • Soothes tired muscles and body pains with its heating function
  • Provides a full body massage
  • Allows rocking and 360 degrees swiveling motion
  • Includes 2 cup holders and 2 side pouches


  • Creates a loud noise when the massage function is activated
  • Doesn’t have a fully operated recline function with armrest lever/handle

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ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Black Renu

Are you stuck with very limited space? As long as there is a wall hugger recliner like this one, you can never worry about your small space. This recliner from ProLounger may seem like any other chairs but it actually is a functional chair. Due to its wall hugger design, it can fit in small rooms with only 4 inches wall clearance. It is filled by high-quality cushions and a stain-resistant polyester microfiber fabric that can be cleaned easily. Most importantly, it is made from eco-friendly materials.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 66.1 pounds with 37.8 x 34.8 x 39.5 inches product dimension
  • 100% made from polyester fabric to ensure its durability
  • Wall hugger design only requires 4 inches wall clearance
  • Layers of independently wrapped pocket coils spring system, high-density foam, and polyester fabric consist of its cushions
  • Car Door Lever mechanism allows you to reach and adjust its reclining position easily
  • Full chaise pad added on the leg rest chair provides support to your legs


  • Use a steel reclining mechanism
  • Doesn’t require huge floor space in its reclining position
  • Covered by a sturdy and stain-resistant upholstery
  • Constructed using a laminated hardwood frame with insulated spring clips


  • A little smaller for users who are over 5’4
  • Harder to bring back to its original seated position

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Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman Set

If you are not a fan of recliners with a built-in leg rest which you can lift independently, try this. This recliner chair comes with a separate ottoman wrapped in black leather to help you relax your legs and feet. It also features an integrated headrest where you can lean your head while reclining and sleeping. For additional comfort, this recliner is also designed with plush armrests and double padded backrest and seat. Moreover, it has a knob adjusting recliner and a wired remote control that controls its full massage features.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 54 pounds with 29.2 x 46 x 42 inches product dimension
  • Wired remote control contains 9 massage modes and 5 intensity level that you can choose from
  • Massage function offers an optimum massaging power that targets your legs, thighs, lumbar area, up to your higher back
  • Right side pocket provides extra storage for keeping its remote and other small items
  • Timer settings allow you set its functions to work within your desired time-frame


  • Comes with a matching base ottoman that a black leather cover
  • Built with an integrated headrest and plush upholstered armrests for comfort
  • Filled with double padding on back and seat


  • The padding breaks down easily
  • Doesn’t allow height adjustments when used as an office chair
  • Takes more time to assemble

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Buying Guide

Purchasing a good recliner for sleeping should not that hard as long as you know what to look for. Whether you want to shop online or on brick and mortar stores, you can still score a nice recliner chair. All you have to do is take note of this buying guide to help you find a good deal.


There is no specific category of recliners for sleeping. Thus, it is important to consider first the type of recliner you really need for sleeping. Aside from the massage, and lift recliners that are common nowadays, these are the other types of recliner for sleeping:

  • Rocker Recliners

As its name suggests, rocker recliners are specially designed with a recliner and rocker function. This recliner makes a great chair for couples who need a more comfortable chair while taking care of a baby. Its cozy feel can reduce your fatigue while its rocking motion can put the baby to sleep. Of course, this is also perfect for the elderly and those who have trouble sleeping on regular beds. Just a couple of rocks while stretching your legs to relax and it can surely help you sleep as well.

  • Two-Position Recliners

This type of recline is normally available at a higher price as it offers more reclining angles. This chair allows you to sit up straight or lie down in its fully reclined position. Its leg rest can be lifted once you recline its backrest to the reclining angle you desire. For the more expensive options, some may allow you to operate the backrest and leg rest independently. Therefore, this type of recline also needs more room space to take advantage of its functions.

  • Wall Hugging Recliners

For rooms with tight spaces, this wall hugging recliner can be a great option. In fact, this is specially designed for those who want to experience the comfort of a recliner in limited spaces. Some of the best wall hugging recliners also include additional height to accommodate tall users and those with limited mobility.

  • Push-Back Recliners

As its name suggests, this type of recliner lets you push its back just like in airplane seats to recline. However, it is more comfortable and convenient since it has additional back support. The only downside of this recliner is its lack of built-in leg rest that you can lift. If you really love to put your feet up you have to get an ottoman that can match its design.


Do you want a recliner which is roomy or a little snug? If you want to make sure that you fit perfectly on the recliner, consider your size first. If you want to buy this as a gift then consider their size and compare it with the recliner’s product dimension.


Not all recliners are made using the same process with the same materials. Thus, be sure to check this aspect to avoid investing in a cheap recliner and wasting your money. Make sure that it is made with a solid construction using high-quality materials. You should consider the kind of upholstery that is used too which affects its design, durability, and maintenance.


No matter how many tempting recliners are there on the market, it is you who still holds the final decision. Though it is tempting to go for something at a discounted price, it is important to put quality first. At the end of the day, it is you who will face the consequences if you got blinded by price. If you really need to stick to a smaller budget, examine if its quality can last for years of usage. In addition, it should be really comfortable to sleep on especially for those with limited mobility.