Best Projectors Under $500 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Our technology is evolving every year to cater for our needs better. Every month, there are hundreds of technologies that are being launched in different parts of the world. Whether you need to prepare visual materials for home, school, or business presentations, a PowerPoint Presentation can help you out together with a projector.

Whenever you need it for presentations or even for home theater, using a projector can give you a lot of advantage. In fact, you can now avail the best projector under $500 after reading this post. So, let us help you find the best projector according to your needs by reading this product review guide.

Top 6 Projectors Under 500$ Reviews

ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

Are you a fan of ViewSonic brand? If yes then you should definitely check out this ViewSonic PA503S projector with 3600 lumens. Known for being an all-around projector in the market, it is safe to say that you can trust your presentations and home theater to be awesome with this model from projector under 500

We all know that keeping a strict control over how much you need to buy is very challenging. Thus, this projector can be a really big help on your part if your budget is exactly $500 or less. Its range is 3.8 to 43 feet which is really awesome!

Features and Specifications:

  • It has a throw range of 3.9 feet up to 43 feet
  • Has a contrast ratio of 22,000:1 and 1,080 screen resolution
  • Ideal for various purposes such as home theater, office presentations, classroom presentations, and outdoor movie marathons
  • Excellent color and white brightness with 3600 lumens
  • Supports VGA, HDMI, and RCA hookups
  • Compatible with DVD, Mac computers, PC, Blu-Ray Players, and other devices


  • Uses ultra-bright bulb for projecting images
  • Its bulb can last up to 15,000 hours of usage
  • Wide throw range for more flexible use
  • More connectivity options


  • The built-in cooling fan can be a very noisy
  • Projects with SVGA 800×600 resolution only

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FIXEOVER GP100 Video Projector

If you think that you are hopeless for finding a quality projector for $200, think again. Believe it or not, the FIXEOVER GP100 projector exists in the market to save all those customers that are on a tight budget for technology. FIXEOVER GP100 is perfect for you if you are looking for a projector that is exclusive for bonding moments and watching movie marathons with your projector for the money

With its cute size, it’s safe to say that it is a personal projector that you can carry around and set up easily. In spite of its size, this compact projector is a killer when it comes to providing a high performance.

Features and Specifications:

  • Full high definition LCD projector with a super bright bulb
  • Superb color and white brightness with 3,500 lumens
  • With maximum resolution support of up to 1280x800p
  • With a static contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • A native aspect ratio of 16:9, a compatible aspect ratio of 4:3, 5.8 inches LCD size
  • Has 1.2 up to 7.5 meters throw distance and 60 to 180 inches screen size


  • Contains a dual USB port for more connection options and a built-in speaker
  • Perfect for parties with better visuals and movie nights
  • Compact and very affordable


  • Costs higher than other units in the same range
  • Not that lightweight for a compact projector

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Epson VS250 Projector

Epson is really one of the most famous brands when it comes to technology may it be a printer or a projector. Thus, there is no doubt that Epson VS250 has made it to this list without a hassle. Epson has been proven and tested when quality and performance are concerned which can be seen on this VS250 model as well.projector under 500

Whether you are a pro or not on operating projectors, you don’t have to sweat it because you can easily connect it to various devices. As one of the best projectors under $500, Epson VS250 can project crisp images at high brightness level.

Features and Specifications:

  • Great color and white brightness level with 3,200 lumens
  • Uses 3LCD display technology which allows it to produce super clear and detailed images
  • Has a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and native SVGA 800×600 screen resolutions
  • Maximum supported resolution of 1,080 pixels
  • It has a throw distance of 3 up to 34 feet
  • With a widescreen size which can be adjusted from 30 to 350 inches


  • Can be connected to devices in many ways
  • Can project to a widescreen size up to 2.9 feet
  • Very bright bulb with a high contrast ratio


  • Lower native screen resolution might limit its usage
  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI cord

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ViewSonic PJD5155 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

If you really want a quality projector but you want to stick to your strict budget, another model from ViewSonic might help you out. The ViewSonic PJD5155 is one of those projectors that you can rely on in case of a tight budget without sacrificing the quality. ViewSonic PJD5155 can be used on various venues and can be connected to different devices.With a DLP format and a wide throw range, it certainly is one of the most affordable and best buy projectors in the market. It is built with multiple screen resolutions which are great for setting up a movie marathon indoors or outdoors.

Features and Specifications:

  • It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and vertical digital keystone
  • Color brightness and white brightness with 3,300 lumens
  • Can support devices with native resolution SVGA 800×600
  • Wide throw distance which can be adjusted from 3.3 feet up to 32.8 feet
  • Up to 10,000 hours of lamp usage
  • Ideal for watching high-definition movies, business or classroom presentations, or even playing games


  • Widescreen size and throw distance for viewing
  • Large range of contrast ratio
  • Can be used as a church projector
  • Produces a sharp and advanced color technology


  • Shorter bulb life
  • The images may slant on top
  • Too much distance produces blurred images

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BenQ DLP Video Projector

If you are looking for the best projector under $500 that is perfect for aiding you on your business presentations, you should check out BenQ MW526AE. The business is filled with competitive people so you should never bring your guard down by failing to have a reliable projector. Get ahead of the game by showing what you mean in a clear and crisp picture.The BenQ MW526AE projector is small but terrible. What’s more exciting about this projector is that it has a lot of features and is Eco-friendly. You can also operate and set it on various formats or resolutions easily.

Features and Specifications:

  • Super clear high brightness for small and even well-lit rooms with 3,300 lumens
  • High contrast ratio for presenting crystal clear text, charts, or graphic organizers
  • Universal and multi HDMI and VGA connectivity options
  • Smart inputs for laptop and mobile devices
  • Vertical keystone for a perfectly aligned presentation
  • Outer adjustment feet and adjustable top door for lamp changes
  • One –touch access for installing functions


  • Eco-friendly and power saving
  • Can be connected to multiple users at the same time
  • High fill factor for clearer black and white images
  • Includes a Kensington lock for superior security


  • Its bulb life is shorter
  • Isn’t ideal to be used for distances beyond 6.5 feet

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BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) 

If you are a true sports fan, there is no doubt that you will not be contented with just hearing news about your favorite team or player. You would want to watch their every game and the bigger screen the better. The good news is, the BenQ HT1070 projector is finally out in the market to cater for various users especially the sports fans like you.

Whether you want to watch a game in your living room, or in your backyard, you can install this projector without a hassle. This model is the dimmest DLP projector in the market for darkened rooms.

Features and Specifications:

  • Its CinematicColor technology uses Rec.709 HDTV standard color RGBRGB color wheel
  • Utilized optimal color produces a clear-cut and enriched images or videos
  • High native ANSI contrast ratio of 15,000:1 to provide an excellent image performance and conveys deep feelings
  • Brilliant color accuracy which enables viewers to get what every director envisions in every scene
  • Full HD with a maximum supported resolution of up to 1,080 pixels for better visual performance


  • Best even without compression
  • Excellent for watching standard videos, Blu-Ray, and HD broadcastings
  • Contains 3 support modes adjusted to the best settings: Sport, Cinema, and Vivid TV


  • Not suitable for well-lit rooms and environment
  • Shorter throw distance
  • Lower color and white brightness rating

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Buyers Guide for Best Projector Under $500

Since the projector was introduced in the market, hundreds of brands have already launched their own versions of projecting system in the market. Depending on the type of your operating environment, we will help you find the best projector under $500 through this buyers’ guide. This guide will help you understand the basic and common terms that are used when it comes to purchasing projectors.

Types of Projector

If you want to get the best projector under $500, take note that there are two types of projectors you have to choose from. There are LCD projectors and DLP projectors which vary based on their formats.

  • DLP Projector

Short for Digital Light Processing, a DLP projector is an advanced technology that commonly comes with a single DLP chip made from tiny mirrors. Each mirror counts as 1 pixel which is also known as a single point of light in an image. The DLP projector uses its mirror to project light while its color wheel functions as the color modulator of an image. The filters of the DLP projector determine the light’s color that hits the chip while the color wheel spins in the middle of the chip and the lamp.

  • LCD Projector

Short for Liquid Crystal Display, an LCD projector is a most popular type of projector that uses 3 LCD glass panels. Each glass panel contains a color like red, green, and blue. The LCD projector projects an image every time the light passes through the glass panels as the individual pixels open and close.

Color and White Brightness

All projectors come in a wide range of color brightness which is measured in lumens. The brighter color a projector can produce, the higher lumen it contains. The color and white brightness of projectors vary depending on the brand, model, and price so be sure to them. The 2-lumen specifications should be listed accurately and separately. If you only see 1-lumen rating, it refers to the white brightness only since the color brightness should be stated like 1/3 of the projector’s lumen.

For home theaters, you need at least 1500 lumens but for classrooms, or conference rooms with more windows, you need at least 2500 lumens. The bigger and brighter room you have, the more lumens your projector should have.

Contrast Ratio

This is where the difference between light and colors are shown in numbers. Once you combine the darkest black and the brightest white then compare their radiance, that’s what you called a contrast ratio. In the 400:1 contrast ratio, it means that the brightest white is 400x brighter than the darkest black. The higher the contrast ratio is the richer and more detailed image a projector can produce. A projector with low contrast ratio produces images usually appear washed out or faded.


The resolution refers to the number of pixels or dots in an image so it one of the main factors that affect the sharpness of an image. The higher resolution a projector has the sharper and higher quality images it can show. This means that the image will not appear as too pixilated and grainy.  A high resolution is also important when projecting texts, graphs, charts, and HD videos and is stated as a combination of numbers like 1920×1200.

1920 refers to the number of horizontal dots across the display with 1200 vertical lines of dots. Therefore, the total number of dots that the projector can show on the screen is equal to 2,304,000 dots. This resolution is one of the widescreen options called Full HD+ which is best for lecture halls and large auditoriums.


Now that we’ve covered everything when it comes to projectors, you can now find it easier to shop the best projector under $500. Whatever brand or type of projector you want to buy, always go back to this post for our buyer’s guide and product reviews. This article will be a big help for you to spot the most important aspects that should be looked at every projector.

It doesn’t matter if you only intend to buy a projector for classroom presentations, or for home theaters only, you should always get what is best in the market that will cater for your needs. Enjoy shopping the best projector under $500!