Best Mattress For Platform Beds Reviews Updated-2022

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How do you follow a certain rule whenever buying something? Oftentimes, customers choose different kinds of mattress that suit their needs while others pick according to their individual taste. Regardless, it is rare to encounter customers who don’t prioritize investing on a high-quality mattress for their platform beds. This is due to the fact that most people if not all spend at least 8 hours in bed. After all, who doesn’t love sleeping on a nice and soft bed after a long day? Sleeping on a high-quality mattress is relaxing and refreshing. So, here’s a list of the best mattress for platform beds that you can get on the market:

7 Best Mattress for Platform Beds Product Reviews

#1.Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress, Queen (Runner up)

Are you a fan of Casper mattress? If yes, then you’ll surely love this one that is available in Queen size. Coming from a top brand that produces high-quality mattresses, pillows, and more, this is certainly one of the best picks. Given its size, this memory foam from Casper is perfect for individuals who want some extra space and for couples. It can even fit perfectly into a master’s bedroom that has a 10×10 space. Most importantly, it’s breathable and comfortable to sleep mattress for platform beds

Features and Specifications:

  • 4 distinct layers of various foams allow it to provide enough support while retaining its breathability and bounce
  • 100% polyester cover protects this 10 inches thick mattress
  • Hypoallergenic latex with open cell promotes better airflow regulation and pushes the heat out of the surface to stay cool
  • Smart packaging that arrives in a compact labeled box for easier shipping
  • 100 nights of trial with free return pickup in case you’re not satisfied


  • Produced by an award-winning brand
  • Durable enough to last for 10 years
  • Versatile enough to work with all kinds of standard foundation
  • Remains cool all night in spite of the hot weather


  • Can be very expensive compared with other mattresses
  • Designed with a single firmness level only with a weak edge for support

#2. Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress, Queen ( The Firmest Mattress for Platform Bed)

If you’re looking for the firmest mattress for platform beds, this is probably the best option for you. After all, this UltraPlush gel-max memory foam from Perfect Cloud isn’t named for anything. This mattress is made from a combination of different layers of foams to keep your bed comfortable and cool. Set at an affordable price, its construction keeps it soft yet solid to avoid sinking in between the bed’s slats. You can also share it with a partner since it’s available in Queen size.mattress for platform beds

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 inches thick layer of air-infused Visco memory foam has 4 pounds per cubic feet density
  • 2 inches thick layer of gel-max memory foam provides additional support and regulates the mattress temperature
  • 5 inches thick high-density based support foam complete its 10 inches thick comfort and support system
  • Removable stretch knot mattress cover keeps it safe from dust and allergens
  • 10 year warranty with CertiPUR Certification guarantees its safe and eco-friendly materials


  • Hypoallergenic and dust/mite-resistant makes it safe for people with allergies
  • Comfortable for back and other sleeping positions
  • Made from ultra-responsive to accommodate light to heavy sleepers
  • Cost-efficient and suitable for budget seekers


  • Can be too firm for sleepers that weigh less than 130 pounds
  • Its odor may take 3 to 5 days to dissipate

#3. Nectar Gel Memory Foam, Double (Best All-Arround Mattress For Platform Beds)

Can’t find the best all-around mattress for platform beds? Don’t worry because this gel memory foam from Nectar can help you out. As a widely known brand, Nectar makes sure that they are always ahead of the game. Thus, you can expect that this mattress has a way to please customers regardless of their tastes and preferences. Unlike ordinary memory foams, its gel infused memory foam is softer and molds better according to the body shape. Therefore, it feels more comfortable without “sinking”.

Features and Specifications:

  • Tencel cooling cover helps regulate airflow and pull out heat from the surface
  • Quilted gel memory foam increases better air circulation while molds to your body instantly
  • Gel memory foam keeps the mattress cool by absorbing and distributing heat evenly until it returns to its original state
  • Adaptive hi-core memory foam supports your body while providing enough rebound and bounce
  • Breathable base layer strengthens its foam layers for maximum support


  • Comes with 2 free pillows in the package
  • Doesn’t create noise even when bearing weight and movements
  • Optimum body contouring support and motion isolation
  • The positioning base material keeps it in place


  • The edge support is not that sturdy to keep you from falling
  • The odor may take a few days to dissipate

#4. Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress, Queen ( Most Natural Mattress For Platform Beds)

If you’re looking for the most natural mattress for platform beds, perhaps Zinus mattress can solve your problem. Zinus is one of the most popular brands when it comes to mattresses. Thus, it’s pretty easy to tell how serious they are to improve their products and please customers. Another top-notch memory foam product, this mattress is a great solution to help relieve to your sore muscles and joints. Available in Queen sized mattress, you can also share its benefits with your partner.

Features and Specifications:

  • 3 inches thick memory foam conforms to your body shape to experience a “cloud-like” sleep
  • 2 inches pressure relief high-density foam provides a pain-free sleep easing your body pains
  • 5 inches high-density foam and 3.5 inches high-density base support foam provides optimum support
  • 12 inches mattress is covered with a knitted jacquard fabric that regulates proper airflow for a cool sleep
  • 100 nights risk-free trial to test its quality and performance


  • Efficient and free shipping
  • Affordable and comfortable to sleep on even if the weather goes hot or cold
  • Helps alleviate muscle and joint pains
  • Certified made from safe and natural materials


  • The odor can be really irritating and takes longer to dissipate
  • The edge support may not be that strong to prevent a fall

#5. Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam, Full (Budget pick)

Are you on a tight budget but determined to get the best mattress for your platform bed? If yes, then you better try Olee Sleep before thinking about giving up. This 13 inches thick mattress is the best budget pick when it comes to hybrid mattresses. Specifically designed to mold according to the sleeper’s body shape, this hybrid gel infused memory foam is pretty impressive. Its coil support system distributes your body weight evenly to relieve pressure points on any position for comfort.

Features and Specifications:

  • 2 inches polyester jacquard fabric cover and fiber padding that enhances airflow
  • 5 inches soft memory foam that molds to your body shape to cushion pressure points from hips, shoulders, to the neck
  • 1 inch gel infused layer keeps the surface of the mattress cool
  • 2 inches high-density foam acts as a cushion between the innerspring and the gel infused layer
  • 5 inches heat treated innerspring coils provides exceptional back support


  • Safe and eco-friendly makes it a perfect budget pick
  • Remains cool all night even on hot weathers
  • Efficient insulation between the base and the top layers
  • Durable base layer for back support


  • Some may find it a little noisy when bearing weight
  • There could be an imbalanced transfer of motion from the innerspring coils

#6. Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen (Most Sizes Available)

Shopping for a mattress can be really time-consuming job especially if you need more than one in different sizes. Thus, the best trick is to stick with a single brand regardless of the size. In that case, this 10 inches gel infused memory foam is the best option if you want a cheap but high-quality mattress. Its cooling beads keep the mattress cool and comfortable all night to give you quality sleep. You won’t even feel much movement if your partner shifts in bed.

Features and Specifications:

  • Premium Tencellyocell cover provides a blend of breathable and hypoallergenic layer that keeps the surface cool
  • 5 inches contouring of gel memory foam helps prevent agonizing pressure points in different body parts
  • 7 inches supportive base foam provides a solid support layer for sleepers with larger frames and those who sleep on their side
  • 10 inches thick mattress with a medium level of firmness to cater for all kinds of sleepers


  • Requires about 5 hours only achieve its full size
  • Made from eco-friendly materials keeps the mattress soft and comfortable
  • Compatible with any surface
  • Longer warranty periods that’s up to 10 years


  • Too firm for others especially for those who sleep on their stomach
  • May retain heat which makes it feel hot at night

#7. Sleep Innovations Alden Memory Foam Mattress, California King Size ( The Thickest Mattress for Platform Bed)

Do you feel like the regular mattress with the usual 10 inches thickness is not enough to support your back? If that is the case then why not go for the thickest mattress for platform bed? This mattress from Sleep Innovations with 14 inches thickness to guarantees optimum support and comfort to all sleepers. But despite its bulky image due to its incredible thickness, many customers love the fact that it’s not that heavy. You can practically move it anywhere with ease.

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 inches SureTemp memory foam acts as the comfort luxury layer
  • 5 inches air channel foam acts as the breezy middle layer
  • 9 inches deep support foam acts as the durable support bottom layer
  • Medium-soft level of firmness provides just enough cushions especially for side sleepers
  • Ideal for sleepers who are average in height and weight for a comfortable sleep
  • TriComfort design helps it to alleviate pressure points and natural body alignment


  • Made from a blend of luxurious quilted poly-cotton materials
  • Longest warranty which is up to 20 years
  • Thickest mattress that is best for platform beds
  • Breathable and soft but supportive


  • Not ideal for hot-natured sleepers especially on hot nights due to the heat it traps inside
  • Too firm for other sleepers

Buying Guide of Best Mattress for Platform Beds

When shopping for the best mattress for platform beds, you don’t necessarily need to look for something special. Each type of mattress is made to be special in their unique way. This means that all you have to do is see how they differ from each other. Check out this guide below to see which one fits your needs and tastes the most:

  • Innerspring

When it comes to a mattress, innerspring is probably the most sold type that most customers have bought over the years. Being the oldest type of mattress that is manufactured and sold worldwide, others refer to it as the traditional mattress. As its name suggests, it is easy to tell what made it different from its fellow mattresses. Seeing it and feeling its springs will tell you right away that it’s an innerspring mattress. Normally, it arrives in 2 which include the mattress and box spring even if you use a platform bed. However, you can also get one without a box spring if your platform bed already has enough mattress support. Unlike other mattresses, innerspring has a built-in coil system for support. This is combined with soft upholstery materials as paddings like foam or more coils to provide comfort.

  • Memory Foam

The memory foam is one of the most popular mattresses on the market today. It is also one of the latest types of mattress that entered the market which was initially developed by NASA. Specifically designed for astronauts, this type of foam can withstand intense pressure and provide enough support. With the ability to shape according to the user’s body contour, it provides the best support to relieve sore muscles. However, it’s not ideal for a platform bed that’s supported by slats that are 3 to 4 inches apart. Too big spaces between each slat will cause the memory foam to sag between its slats. Of course, this will slowly lose the foam’s natural shape over time.

  • Latex

Aside from the memory foam, latex also makes a good choice for platform beds. Known for its durable and solid foundation, the latex mattress is usually heavier than memory foams. Depending on your needs, you can get a latex mattress that is either made from natural or synthetic latex. But just like all memory foams, latex mattresses are also designed to provide support and pressure point relief. Thus, it can make you feel comfortable regardless of your sleeping position.

  • Hybrid

A hybrid mattress is made from a combination of memory foams and an innerspring. This combination of 2 or more support systems allows the mattress to provide pressure relief benefits in spite of being solid. The memory foam provides most of the comfort while the innerspring keeps it firm with a classic feel. However, some hybrid mattress can be made from a combination of latex and innerspring or foam and latex too. Among the 3, the latex hybrid can be the most lightweight since it weighs less than a traditional latex mattress.

Whatever mattress you aim to buy make sure that your platform bed can support it properly.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Mattress for Platform Beds

Now that you already know the types of mattresses that can work well with platform beds, let’s dig in deeper. Once you determined the type of mattress that you need, it’s time to take into consideration some important factors. So, take a look at this list below before you buy the best mattress for platform beds:

  • Size

Whatever type of mattress you want to buy for your platform bed, size is the first thing to consider. Knowing the exact product dimension will help you ensure that it is a perfect fit for your platform bed. Thus, be sure to know the available mattress sizes on the market that vary from:

  • Twin = 38 inches wide and 75 inches long
  • Twin XL = 38 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • Full = 53 inches wide and 75 inches long
  • Full XL = 53 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • Queen = 60 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • Olympic Queen = 66 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • King = 76 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • California King = 72 inches wide and 84 inches long

If you think these sizes are still not enough to occupy your master’s bedroom, there’s still one size left. The Super King is perfect for filling up a spacious master’s bedroom and occupied with a partner and a child. The Super King’s size is 80 inches wide and 98 inches long. Thus, you can move freely even if you sleep with your partner/husband/wife and a child. The only downside of getting this size is its limited availability on the market.

  • Weight

This one refers to your body weight and your mattress’ weight. The heavier you are the firmer the mattress should be for support and body relief. At the same time, the total weight of your body and mattress should not exceed the capacity of your platform bed.

  • Support

Whether you prefer to use a box spring or not, considering the mattress’ support system is vital. In fact, you can enjoy a quality sleep as long as you have the best mattress to provide your needed support.

  • Comfort

Aside from the given factors above, it’s vital to consider your comfort too. Depending on the level of comfort you want, choose a mattress that contours to your body shape and balances your weight. This way, you can sleep on whatever position you want without sacrificing your comfort and triggering sore muscles.


We all know how important it is to get enough quality sleep every day. Sleep is not just a luxury but a necessity because it affects our overall health and therefore our productivity. Once you’ve finalized everything that you want to have in your mattress, it will be easier for you to shop. Knowing the things you want and need to improve your sleep will help you find the best mattress. This guide will help you make sure that your joints and muscles are well taken care of while sleeping. Therefore, you can maintain good health and stay alert all the time.




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