We all know that brilliant green grass is the focal point of a beautiful yard. Sitting for a few minutes while sipping a cup of coffee in the garden is relaxing, isn’t it? You may enjoy the silence while breathing some fresh air at times. A well kept lawn is also a great place to host outdoor parties and have your friends over.

Keeping your garden and lawn attractive can have a huge impact on your mood. If you really want a picture perfect yard, you have to do something to make it happen. Say no more to ordinary lawn mowers if you can get the best commercial zero turn mower on the market.

We’ve developed a short list of some of the top commercial grade mowers to help you with the process. We’ve considered maneuverability, speed, cost, maintenance, design and more by carefully looking at reviews from people who know what they are talking about, customers!

4 Best Rated Commercial Lawn Mowers Comparison Chart

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5 Best Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

If you want to have the best zero turn commercial mower that can help you maintain your precious lawn, these are the best options you should check out:

#1. Ariens Max Zoom ZTR Tractor

Coming as our top placer for the best commercial zero turn mower, The Ariens brand is quite popular for providing high-quality products. As a matter of fact, every aspect of Ariens’ products reveal professional materials. There’s no way you will ever regret investing in this zero turn mower because it has been proven and tested already by customers to be top of the line.best commercial zero turn mower

With a professionally made steel frame, Ariens Max Zoom 25HP 60″ ZTR Tractor uses a total of 6 deck wheels. All back wheels are 20 inches and all front wheels are 13 inches. Its deck height can be adjusted up to 9 cutting stature.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made from high-grade steel and weighs a total of 1,080 lbs.
  • Its highly efficient 25 HP V-Twin engine gives the machine an additional power to mow even hilly terrains or uneven grounds in a record time
  • Adjustable according to various grass height for a cleaner cut
  • 3 rigid and oxidation-resistant spindles for cutting grass efficiently especially in hard to reach areas
  • 725cc hydro equipment with 3100 transmission
  • A 60-inch cutting deck that can be adjusted up to 9 different heights according to your desired cutting level
  • Flexible speed range for average to massive lands: 0 – 8MPH forward speed and 0 – 4MPH reverse speed


  • The cast iron spindle deck is perfect for years of heavy-duty work
  • Up to 6 gallons of tank fuel
  • Commonly includes 6 wheels
  • Includes a seat with high backrest
  • Long and easy to use handlebar


  • The price is a bit higher compared with other zero turn mowers on the market
  • Isn’t ideal for budget-priced buyers

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#2. Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed

Also known as the Toro TimeCutter SS4225 74726, this zero turn mower is a combination of a lawn mower and a tractor with an added test program. Riding lawn mower and tractors like Toro TimeCutter SS4225 are not just popular for having more functions and features but also for surpassing a customer’s criteria. As its name suggests, this Toro TimeCutter is indeed a killer when it comes to providing a speedy performance.commercial zero turn mower reviews

Its added smart system and improved cutting deck made it more efficient for all types of grass in various heights. Whether you’re a pro or not, this mower will leave your lawn as if it’s been done professionally.

Features and Specifications:

  • 42-inch cutting deck which can be adjusted into 7 different options according to your desired height
  • Added accessories for your convenience such as a cup holder, padded levers and a high backrest
  • Contains washout ports and a high-grade floor pan to keep the machine looking good and new even after years of usage
  • Supported with AutoChoke and 22 HP Kohler zero turn mower 725cc engine to ensure that you will be able to cut any grass in your lawn
  • The smart speed controlling system with 0-3 MPH trimming speed, 0-5 MPH towing speed, and 0-7 MPH mowing speed
  • New engine guard and up to 3-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Hitch kit and dual hydrostatic drive system


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain floor pan
  • Versatile standard hitch kit
  • Includes an automatic parking brake for better control
  • More comfortable to use when your arms are moved outward


  • Doesn’t work as efficiently when used on slopes or hills higher than 10°
  • Can’t be maneuvered smoothly on hills

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#3. Husqvarna HP Zero Turn Mower

One of the most popular brands today when it comes to driven lawn mowers is no doubt Husqvarna. If you look on the market, you will surely find a lot of models from Husqvarna. Now that Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower is part of the team, a lot of customers will be excited to get their hands on a new workhorse. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower is one of the most solid performers on the market with a solid construction.commercial zero turn mower

This model from Husqvarna is specially designed to combine comfort, high-performance, and smooth interface.

Features and Specifications:

  • Packed with a Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine with 27 HP Briggs, this mower can handle any grass condition with real speed
  • Hydro-gear ZT 3100 hydrostatic transmission for a smoother and more powerful performance to carry accessories like aerators, carts, and spreaders
  • With the 61-inch extra wide cutting deck, this zero turn tractor is designed to get the work done in no time even on large areas
  • A flexible cutting height that can be adjusted from 1.5-inch – 4.5-inch
  • An improved cutting system with 3 blades for a stress-free and accurate performance
  • The maximum speed of 8.5 MPH that can cover up to 16,997 m²


  • Made from a steel frame for heavy-duty works
  • Fabricated deck made from steel
  • Durable spindles made from aluminum
  • Includes a high back seat with comfortable armrest and lap bars
  • Ergonomically adjustable steering levers


  • No directional control on downhill paths
  • The Briggs engine isn’t that smooth on lawns
  • Doesn’t include washout connectors for hose

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#4. Swisher Response Gen 2 Zero Turn Mower

Getting tired of massaging your arms and legs after pushing your lawn mower for hours? If you have a large area to clean up and get rid of grass, why not try getting a zero turn mower that can finish the job in less time? In that case, Swisher Z2466CPKA Response Gen 2 Zero Turn Mower might be the perfect mowing machine you are looking for.

This model from Swisher has the power and affordability that customers always look for when buying a mower. But compared with its competitors, Swisher Response Gen 2 Zero Turn Mower is a heavy-duty machine that can be controlled effortlessly.

Features and Specifications:

  • Efficient 726cc Kawasaki FS730V series V-Twin OHV with 24 HP engine contains a full wrap for extra protection
  • Full on pressure and lubrication system with a spin-oil filter
  • 66 inches fabricated cutting deck with 3 G6 commercial grade blades made from 11 gauge steel
  • Easy to adjust foot assisted deck lift for getting your desired cutting height
  • Speedy response control system for an efficient maneuvering so you can say goodbye to muscle pains in your arms and legs
  • Hydro-gear 3100 hydrostatic transmission with Ogura electric PTO
  • Hassle-free transition on any terrain
  • Precise and smooth direction control with flexible speed


  • Commercial grade and welded steel frame for heavy duty works
  • ROPS standard floor pan made from steel
  • Includes rear and front tow hitches
  • Includes a high backrest seat with armrest for added comfort


  • Too large to fit in small gates when delivered
  • The price is higher compared with its competitors
  • No long handlebars

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#5. Husqvarna 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Do you want a powerful mower that can take care of weeds like a pro? Then, this zero turn mower from Husqvarna might be the answer you are looking for. With an extra-sized welded frame, there is no way the Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S can’t handle any weed that gives you a headache. Moreover, Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S is more affordable compared with its competitors that start at $5,000 or higher.

In other words, this product is indeed one of the best zero turn mowers on the market that values quality despite its price. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the mower for you.

Features and Specifications:

  • 52-inch powerful mower with reinforced construction and easy to use control system
  • 24 HP 724cc Endurance Commercial V-Twin engine
  • Enhanced driving quality with commercial hydraulic system and awesome operator finish
  • Ergonomically designed for professional gardeners
  • 54-inch cutting deck made from 11 gauge high-grade twin sheets stamped steel
  • Extra support for spindles and improved performance for heavy-duty works
  • Deck lift system assisted by a spring and a dual hydro-gear EZT transmission
  • Adjustable and accurate cutting height for lawn mowing more comfortably
  • Designed to be compatible with premium zero turn mower transmissions
  • Charge pumps, expansion tanks, and bigger drive axles
  • 6-inch width front casters


  • Added air induction mowing technology for better cutting performance
  • Extra wide flat-stock steel cutting deck
  • Built-in protection against roll-over
  • With 3 years limited warranty and very affordable
  • Easy to operate and maneuver


  • The plastic vent check valve can break easily
  • Delicate main belt
  • Operating it feels like driving a hover-round
  • Pricey for average homeowners

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Commercial Zero-turn Mower Safety Tips

Since zero turn mowers are easier to control, most homeowners and even businessmen prefer them over other mowers. However, using it while you are too close to steep inclines, unstable grounds near drainage ditches and ponds, drop-offs, and retaining walls can be a little dangerous. These risks call for some safety tips that you should take note of:

  • Read the Manual

First things first, never get ahead of yourself and operate a zero turn mower without reading the manual carefully even if it’s the best commercial zero turn mower. If you want more inputs with visuals, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube on how to operate a certain model.

  • Dos and Don’ts

When you read these 2 things in the manual or in safety tips like this, DON’T ignore it. Being a daredevil while driving a zero turn mower won’t lead you to the glorious pedestal. Instead, you might just end up being in an accident which shouldn’t have happened.

  • Drive within the Safe Zones

The most common zones that you have to avoid are steep slopes and drop-offs near bodies of water and drainage where the ground is higher than 15°.

  • Careful with the Speed

If you are new to this kind of machine, take it slow especially if you are driving on a slope that is higher than the 15° safe zone. Once you are used to operating the best commercial zero turn mower machine, you can increase the speed as long as you’re within the safe zone.

What Is a Zero Turn Mower and Why Is It Special?

Zero-turn mowers are improved riding mowers that can turn in zero degrees. However, the ability of zero turn mowers to show this feature depends on its model and brand. The secret of the best commercial zero turn mower is a hydraulic speed control application which gives the driver full control of each wheel. Check out this list below of what made these machines special:

  • Excellent Maneuverability

When it comes to maneuvering, a zero turn mower is a total killer. It can turn in a zero degrees radius without a hassle. Some are even used on hills so you better pick the best zero turn mower for hills if you’re planning to use it on a hilly terrain. Each wheel of this machine can be controlled separately so you won’t have a problem driving it any direction you need.

  • Cleaner Result

All zero turn mowers have a top-notch cutting deck which always leave a well-manicured lawn. With a top-notch cutting deck and an improved speed on the blade tip, the result is always better than ordinary lawn mowers. Moreover, a zero turn mower’s height can be adjusted so you can mow smoothly according to the height you are comfortable with.

  • Greater Speed

Zero turn mowers can give you well-known speed which leads to its special application for better maneuverability. So if you want to steer clear from obstacles on your lawn or change direction smoothly, you just have to get the best commercial zero turn mower.

Of course, its superb engine and top-notch deck also need some credit for its speed. When you combine the power of the engine, cutting deck to its control system, your work can be done faster than ever.


If you are new to lawn mowers, take note that zero turn mowers are improved mowers which include more features and a heavy-duty build. Unlike other lawn mowers, all zero turn mowers are designed to handle more hours of usage and wide areas that are as big as a stadium. These powerful machines are quite popular for businesses that offer lawn mowing services.

Believe it or not, zero-turn mowers are becoming more popular even in suburban areas today due to its convenience and longer lifespan. The best commercial zero turn mower is an efficient investment.