Best CB Radio 2022 Guide and Reviews

It doesn’t matter whatever your purpose is, either you are a traveler who likes to spend most of the time on the road or you are just a friendly neighbor who wants to keep in touch with others in the rural area; a CB( Citizens’ Band) Radio will be your perfect choice to maintain short distance communication. This unique & cost effective method is not restricted to only personal & business uses, you can even get weather, speed trap & traffic updates also. That’s why you need the best CB radio for your vehicle.

Selecting your top rated CB radio gets difficult at times when you have to go through a lot of consumers presented technical stuff. Don’t worry! Just sit back & relax because you have come to the right place at the right time. We would cover all the things for you from now on as we specialize in all the best CB radio available today.

Below you’ll get a primary idea about the basics of a CB radio & its types. Further down, we have listed some of the top ranked CB radios along with resourceful descriptions. So, let’s have a tour then….

What is a CB Radio?                                          

The Citizen Band or a CB Radio is a popular radio communication tool which is used for maintaining conversation between individuals within the same frequency of 27 MHz band. Its services are unique from MURS, GMRS, FRS and Amateur systems. Like many other radio services, the two-way citizen band channels can be easily shared with multiple users.

This popular communication tool came into use in 1945 and after that it achieved a huge success in between the 1970s to 1980s. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a regulation for using the CB radio that allows the output to a maximum 4 watts applicable for AM frequencies. However, in many countries, you don’t require a license to operate it. Selecting a CB radio depends on many variables such as your type of vehicle, requirement of a portable model & a few necessary features of your preference. So, CB radio reviews can be pretty much helpful to increase your knowledge in this regard.

Different Types & Functions          

It is not how much power they consume or the longevity of the device, it is the size and the feature set that separate different models of a CB radio. Basically, there are two types. Let’s move forward & discuss them-


This is the most common type someone will find. It comes with a small box that consists of a bunch of dials and a mic up front. Typically, Floor mounting & below  part of the dash provide the best options for a fixed radio installation. Before deciding to buy your fixed unit, you should consider a few things at the beginning like examining your vehicle for radio placement, selecting the mounting spot & targeting the location where the mounting bracket will be attached.

Handle Held

Now, this type is some sort of a walkie-talkie style unit that runs on batteries. The handle held CB radios have an external cord for vehicle use. The rechargeable AA battery packs are also present in the unit. People tend to buy two-unit handle held kinds because it is great for multi-vehicle caravan communications. Few exceptional features vary from model to model of the the best handheld CB radios. Some model has a mobile adapter in the kit, some would require an external CB antenna and a few of them bundles with a magnetic mount kit.

Top 7 Recommended Best CB Radio

 Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio

The Cobra 29 LX is a fixed type CB radio, which offers a completely unique design & said to be the best CB radio available in the current market. In this device you can easily scan 40 AM channels along with the additional 10 NOAA weather update channels. The variable color LCD display offers information on transmission, current channel, SWR levels, reception strength and all other prime functions covering most of the radio’s face. The display can also be seen at night. Other features include antenna warning indicator, RF gain, channel memory, PA mode, delta tune, instant channel 9/19, talk back and many more. Its ability to check antenna and signal performance made the operation easier for less technical persons. Of course, that includes me also!best cb radio

If you want a great CB radio with a simple setup, proper functioning & reliability then no doubt, this is the most recommended product for you.

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Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand

The Uniden Bearcat 980SSB lifted itself up among the fixed CB radio units with its Single Side Band capacity. This feature packed CB radio has the awesome SSB function ability to smooth the conversation across greater distances. If you go deep into the specifications you would find features like RF gain control, ANL/noise blanker, 40 channels, integrated SWR meter, noise canceling mic, NOAA weather alert and an automatic noise limiter installed inside the device. Oh! I forgot about the sexy LCD display, this Uniden device features the color changing display which is easy to dim & easy to read and seven-color backlight option is also there for clear viewing.

cb radio reviewsRadio diagnostics & built-in antenna are the other features that abstain you from futzing with wires while talking on the radio. Considering all the facts, I should say that  Uniden Bearcat 980SSB is definitely something to watch out for!

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Uniden BEARCAT 880 Bearcat CB Radio with 7 Color Display Backlighting

If you are looking for the strongest transmissions, clearest reception and greatest range, then the Bearcat 880 CB radio is the perfect option we can offer for you. It is quite similar to the Bearcat 980 in many aspects including an easy-to-read display with variable color, noise canceling extra long microphone, dynamic squelch control,  diagnostic features  and channel. If you are looking for more additional features, then check out for NOAA Weather channels, radio diagnostics, instant channel 9/19, 6-4 PIN mic adapter and an easy-to-read laser etched keys that would make you go wow. The control panel is perfectly illuminated to make the device usable in all light conditions.

Uniden Bearcat 880 is wireless mic compatible and a CB/PA switch certainly adds to the prime features. On the whole, It is a great option for a fixed CB radio!!

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Cobra Electronics 29 LX CAMO Realtree Platform CB Radio (Camo)

Some folks prefer a modern aesthetic design in their very own CB radio, if you fit into that category, then the 29 LX CAMO will suit you best as it possesses the Realtree Xtra Pattern design. Other than the design part, the front control panel, microphone, dipped cabinet and the colorful LCD Dot Matrix display will complement the interior part of your vehicle. The customizable night and day settings are there to increase readability in any light conditions.

best cb radio for truck This Cobra 29 LX CAMO is based on a 29 LTD Classic platform with extensive features like NOAA weather & emergency alert, automatic weather & alert scan technology, antenna SWR status and radio diagnostics to allow the operator to monitor the vehicle’s antenna for the voltage system and  RF output power.

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Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

This digital handheld CB radios have an edge over the other fixed/analog models because they can quickly scan all the available channels only with the touch of a button. They will also halt on those channels with activity and allow you the chance to filter out weak signals with the help of the squelch setting. Increasing of squelch setting would also ensure stopping of the scanning program on nearby transmissions. The Midland 75-822 model works great for gathering weather and hazard information as it can access to 10 channels.

The dual watch feature will let you keep track of channel 9 along with every other channel at the same time. This model has secured its place among the handheld CB radios because the power source fits quite easily on the case size & the overall weight is pretty less.

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Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio

The main feature of Midland 75-785 is that it comes with the battery charging option without putting the batteries out of the case. With this feature you can save yourself from the cost of buying a separate charger. This has now become a standard option for all the handheld CB radios. The cigarette lighter socket is normally used for mobile powering of the device in your vehicle. It misses some other features like the access to NOAA weather channels and 24/7 information alerts compare to other expensive gadgets. With the features like high/low power setting, helical antenna and the 4-watt output, the Midland 75-785 is a preferable choice for a handy & emergency operation.

If you are eying for a low budget handheld CB radio, then this model would certainly meet your needs.

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Cobra HH 38 WX ST 4-Watt 40-Channel CB Radio

The Cobra HH38WXST is a rugged type portable radio with so much to offer like instant access to 40 radio channels along with 10 weather channels. If you are a friendly person & want to get connected to your friends all the time, then this model would be your best choice because it has a Soundtracker Noise Reduction System, dual watch and an illuminated functional display. You can also use it in the car with the 12 volt supply cord. The advanced sound tracker system ensures 90% clearer sound quality of in and out signals than any other devices. The Cobra HH38WXST handheld CB radio has the similar features like the Midland 75-822 but it will cost you a few more.

The Cobra HH38WXST is another feature packed model from the renowned manufacturer & surely is a worthy investment.

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Things to consider Before buying

Once you have selected the product you’ll buy & estimated your budget accordingly, the next thing that is most important is to consider a few things before making your final purchase. Quality & transmitting power are the two most vital considerations before opting forward to buy a CB Radio. There are other factors along with the vital two that also need to be taken care of.

Without wasting any more time, let’s start the buying guide of a CB Radio-

  • Determine your purpose first, if you are going to use it only for emergencies, then don’t try to use for a longer period. A low-end model might be perfect for your needs. Maybe low-end types will bring some noises, but still it would work efficiently.
  • For frequent users a mid to high priced CB radio with a good receiver & RF gain feature would be suitable all the way. The high end fixed unit CB radio has better noise filtration conditions compare to the handheld option.
  • Fixed unit CB radios are perfect for professional drivers as it possess the best receivers and comes with other added benefits. If budget is not the thing that is worrying you then you should go for the device that incorporates weather alerts, sleep timers, Bluetooth capabilities, SWR bridge along with many other bells & whistles like the RF gain feature.
  • Go through the review description of your selected product thoroughly & read every specification. You should have some reasons to buy the product.
  • A Citizen Band radio with a strong construction will last longer than the others. Chrome is such kind of a metal which is strong & durable and most of the CB radio casing is made out of this product. But, you have to keep in mind that chrome is much more expensive than the plastic material. So, if you are looking for a good CB radio, you should pay more.
  • Power is an important factor to consider because it determines the longevity of the best CB radio Most of the handheld & fixed radio have the maximum power output of 4 watts. In a handheld device you have the AA batteries as your source of power & you can’t increase the output amount. On the contrary, for fixed devices of any quality & size of the antenna, the power transmission can be increased.
  • The Size of your CB radio would definitely matter depending on the place where you are placing it. For the mobile types, it is not a factor, but for the fixed ones it surely is a concerning matter. Not every one of them are similar in size, but they are smaller than the car stereo. If you want to mount your gadget somewhere else, then you should find a suitable place as your first course of action. Try to remember that the internal speakers in most of the radios are found to be placed at the bottom, so you won’t hear a thing if you are placing it wrongfully in a noisy vehicle. CB radios with external speaker option enabled can sort this problem out for you.
  • Choosing the right antenna has greater effects on the substantial performance of your CB radio. Mostly size, cost & durability are the 3 main criteria to find out your best CB Radio antenna.
  • Some people prefer to go for their favorite brand, if you are in this category, then choose the product carefully that comes under favorite manufacturer brand as not every product of the same brand are equally good.

Where to Buy

If you want to buy CB radios from online, Amazon is the most trusted and guaranteed place for such purchase. The manufacturers display their newer and older model simultaneously to offer you a vast amount of choices. All kinds of brands display their different models in front of you. You can use menu choice to narrow down your desired product.  If you are especially looking for some features such as portable model or devices with PA capabilities, you should mention those keywords before searching the product in Amazon. You can also look for a specific brand or model of CB radio. Another interesting idea is you can compare the features and price and thus you can find out the best deal for you. Read each and every detail carefully before buying your best CB radio. It is recommended to check the rating of the product to ensure it is capable of meeting your requirements.


CB radios are used for communication with the help of a fixed bandwidth or a series of radio frequencies. These radios come in two versions, fixed and portable. Larger vehicles like trucks and RV’s have a CB radio mounted with it. People carry the portable radios in the forest or impassable places to keep contact with the civilized world. According to FCC regulation, the use of CB radios and sets completely depends upon its output level. It is recommended to pair an antenna with the device to maximize its output and receive strong signals. The radio has different designs and multiple features. Some models are very basic and easy to operate whereas some models require experts to handle. Well, if you shop through Amazon, you will be able to access a huge number of CB radios and pick the one suite you the most. You can also look for a specific brand, models as well as any special feature. For example: if you want a portable CB radio, search for it with the keyword, you will have a list of CB radios in front of you. Thank you for reading so far. As you have learned enough about the CB radios, now it’s your turn to decide & make a happy purchase. All the best.

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