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While millions of people rave for the best shaver info for men, residents of Islamic States shun away from shaving tools due to fear of being arrested. Apart from women who don’t wear a full veil, men too did not escape the austere laws implemented by their state. The threat of being executed for openly disobeying their stringent ISIS regime compelled men to keep their beard. Women too need to wear a full veil to avoid paying 5,000 Syrian pounds and buying a burka. Death can be the punishment for anyone who does not comply on these laws.

“Women must wear the traditional Islamic dress and they have been warned that a severe punishment will be imposed on them if they choose not to obey”, Tom Batchelor of Express News wrote. “They must not wear anything that will attract the attention of men like masculine garments, see through dresses, fitting clothing or even allowed to wear perfume. All these will provoke reactions among men. They need to wear only lose clothing as well’, he added.

To ensure compliance of men to the “no beard shaving” law, Jhadi Group launched a campaign. A leaflet was also distributed in Mosul (an Iraqi city) implying their gratitude to the Islamic Police for permitting the order for a shaving ban among men so violators can be punished accordingly.

Beheading is the ultimate punishment for men who opt to shave their beard. “We are so afraid since ISIS militants drive unmarked civilian vehicles. Hence, they can easily spot anyone who shaves their beard. And disobeying the shaving ban will surely cost their lives”, a Mosul resident said. “They no longer use flags and military vehicles to keep their identity from the civilians. It makes it easier for these militants to identify people who ditch the shaving ban law”, he added.

In September 2015, 10 men were arrested for shaving their beards and 5 women were also seized and brought to prison for not wearing their Islamic dresses. These people were detained in Eastern Suria’s largest city; Deir Ezzos.

ISIS also came up with unique products to help women comply with the full veil law. Among their product selections include baby clothes, bags and hats. These merchandize are very common and are worn both mothers and babies in Syria and Iraq.

Extremists in some parts of Iraq have strict laws for women. In fact, they can only go out if they are with a male companion.

So, for men and women living in Islamic States, they need to know their government’s implemented law to prevent painful punishment and even death.