“Obesity” is a word that is commonly used these days. To some, it is only an exaggerated synonym of “fat” and takes this matter lightly. Sometimes, you may hear others feeling so concerned about their being “obese” when in fact they are just simply overweight. Some people also tease others as being obese when they are actually just gaining fats.

What are the markers then before one can consider another person obese? Well, it is by measuring the person’s Body Mass Index. If it turns out to be more than 35 kg/m2 then you are considered obese. But more than the weight, the fat distribution is also considered like hip-waist ratio. The person’s total cardiovascular risk factor is another point worth considering.

You may wonder what obesity leads a person into. Well, it does more than just decreasing the person’s self-confidence. As a medical condition, this will create a strong impact to the person’s health. It may lead to fatal health conditions like Diabetes Mellitus 2, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure and even high blood cholesterol. Certain types of cancer can also result from this condition as well as osteoarthritis.

Now, your next question may be; how does this condition starts in the first place? One can be the person’s slow metabolism. However, it is interesting to note that most obese have greater energy consumption than those with regular body weights. This is because they require more energy expenditure to maintain their rocketing body mass.

How will obesity treated? Well, although there are anti-obesity drugs, none of them can be effective unless the person goes through proper diet and exercise program. Energy dense foods such as sugar and high fat must be avoided and diet in fiber must be increased. In severe cases, surgery may be required. This is done by cutting a portion of one’s stomach so one can feel full without the need to eat a lot.

Now what about people who are binge eaters since their childhood years? I have heard that it can be hard to control one’s appetite when the person is used to take in a lot of food. Love kills and that can be taken literally. You know parents who give what their children wants and ended up feeling sorry for giving in to all their needs. This is a very common reason for obesity. It goes beyond one’s diet issues. It is deeply rooted on one’s eating habit; something that could have been remedied right from the start.