You will never understand how it is to be a parent until you become one. It is a “learning in the process” experience and no one can really perfect this skill until you have gone through all the challenges. You will need to spend sleepless nights attending to their needs when they are still babies and even as they grow old especially when they get sick. You will even have to put their needs above your own and this is an innate characteristics found among parents.

My friends even laugh at me when we go for shopping since I will often go to kids section and enjoy spending my time there than shopping for my own outfits. Well, as they often say; when you become a parent, you will feel that every penny spent for yourself is a penny that you also deprive your children. And yes, you will feel a different kind of joy when you witness how your kids jump for joy as you surprise them with wonderful presents that they long to have. This is something that you won’t feel when you buy things for yourself. The moments that you spend with your children are also the best times of your life. You always look forward for the day to end so you can be with your children. Your day may be so tiring but you won’t feel weary at the end of the day when you finally get the chance to be with your children.

Indeed becoming a parent can be very challenging. However, the troubles that it takes to be one are all worth it. Indeed, you will say that if given the chance to redo your life, you will still choose to be a parent. This seems to be the most sensible thing that you can do as a person. It can be hard to rear kids but witnessing how they have grown in every aspect of their being is a miracle to behold right in your midst.
I’ve been a parent three times and went through babysitting thrice and I know what it meant by having sleepless nights, becoming paranoid and be very happy to have a child. Hence, if asked if I will still choose to be a parent after all I have gone through, I should say “I will”. After all, it’s the best experience I ever had in my entire life.