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Bali’s authorities found a new market to boost their tourism. This time, they don’t just invite people to spend Asia Holiday Retreats in their country. They have built retirement cottages to invite retirees to spend their remaining years in their peaceful land.

“Our tourism efforts are set to hone on the mature visitor market”, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastrika said.

In a study conducted, it appeared that Bali has great potential to market the travel sector to the seniors, a market that has already been proven to be good by Philippines and Malaysia.  In the study, it was mentioned that senior travellers are valuable tourists since they are financially stable and do not visit places according to seasons. Hence, instead of luxury villas in Bali, why not prepare retirement cottages which is perfect for the island’s peaceful environment. They can man competent medical personnel to look after these seniors as well.

“The perfect Bali holiday accommodation for mature visitors will be holiday retirement complexes and Payangan can be the ideal spot for this”, says Governor Pastrika. This place is adjacent to Ubud; a favorite tourist destination of seniors. “Since seniors can fund their vacation well, this can open better job opportunities to the locals”, added the Governor.

The island is known for its luxury villas in Bali and these accommodations are becoming popular among the matured segment of the tourist market.  These villas are located in several parts of the island and they offer more privacy than the cottage complex. Though villas are more costly, senior tourists can afford them. Besides, their private pools and quiet gardens will justify their costs.

There are also diverse activities in Bali that seniors can go to. The place can never run out of spas and high quality restaurants, excellent golf courses and spas. Bali’s cultural heritage makes it even more exciting for tourists to explore to, especially for those who are looking for a different kind of adventure that you can’t find in more developed countries.

A lot of cultural activity centers are found in Ubud; a place of crafts and arts were high caliber artisans exhibit their art galleries and workshops. Historical sites worth visiting for are Kehen Temple, Royal Palace and Elephant Cave. Here, visitors can indulge in a Balinese culture as they immerse on Bali’s historical sites. Hence, Bali is not only a perfect tourist destination for retirees but even to the younger tourists who hunger for a different kind of adventure.