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Hendrik Helmer woke up early in the morning due to acute pain in his right ear. He sensed the presence of a creepy crawler inside and was too scared that this could have bitten him.

“I was thinking that it was a spider so I did all measures that I know of to get rid of this insect from my ear”, Hendrik stated. As the pain became intense, he used a vacuum cleaner to suck the thing out. When it did not work out, he tried to flush it with water.

“I really don’t know what’s inside my ear, all I know is that it is causing me a lot of pain”, Hendrik said. “So I rushed to the hospital when I can’t get the insect out and it took me 10 more painful minutes before the doctor started to remove it”, Hendrik added.

The doctor waited for the insect to die before he finally removed it. “The doctor admitted that he has never pulled an insect as large as this from someone else’s ear”, Hendrik relayed. “Though the doctor admitted that he has nearly a dozen of similar cases in the past”, he added.

“There are other odd cases aside from cockroaches creeping to a man’s ear. There are cases where mites and their eggs are dwelling inside a person’s ear canal. This was a case of a 70 years old Taiwanese last year”, Dr. Ian Storper of Lenox Hospital declared. “There was even a case of a spider which was discovered living inside a Chinese ear for 5 days”, he added.

“The problem with insects is that they can crawl easily into a man’s ear. However, crawling back to go out becomes a challenge for them since they can’t walk backwards. Most patients with similar problems often seek help at 2a.m. This can be because the insect crawls while they are in deep sleep”, Dr. Richard Nelson from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center explained.

Cockroaches can be in your homes. They don’t just crawl on your foods but you can be one of their victims like Hendrik. Hence, it pays to invest for a cockroach exterminator to avoid such mishaps. We can’t deny the fact that these pests may remain to dwell especially in old buildings despite our efforts. However, it is our duty to chase for them and get rid of them before they even have the chance to bug us out.