Hewlett-Packard purchases Aruba Networks, a wireless network firm at the price of $2.7 billion. This is the first firm HP has purchased since its unprofitable purchase of the British software company in 2011.


Aruba Networks is located in Sunnyvale, California and it specializes in the production of Wi-Fi network systems for shops, schools, hotels and other firms. The company has increased because mobile devices are widely used by all in every sector of the society. HP will utilize the newly bought Aruba Networks to benefit from the ever growing mobile network sector, and hence, maximize profit.


This partnership will also enable Hewlett-Packard contest confidently with other technological opponents like the Cisco Systems and get a fresh access to the populous Asian markets, especially that of China.  HP brand is known across the globe, venturing into wireless network can easily help it cut a big chunk of the market of which Cisco dominates. Cisco presently markets  half of all commercial wireless networking gadgets globally,  Amitabh Passi, a UBS analyst said.


Hewlett-Packard desires to enlarge its technological packages for customers  globally, at this present time when preparations are on ground for the splitting of the firm  into two companies — one concentrating on selling computer systems and software to organizations, and the other one would concentrate on the distribution of personal computers and printers.