ARTBA (The American Road & Transportation Builders Association) has reported significant measures for environmental protection using green technologies, applying new techniques of manufacturing, designing innovative projects, as well as more frequent waste materials recycling and using fuels which left little contamination. They took part in 45th Earth Day celebration in Washington.


As Empire Coachbuilders  report, back in 1998 ARTBA has started Globe Awards, and that way they are enhancing the environment all around America, through numerous projects for green construction, designing, and planning of thousands of waterways, ports, tunnels, airports, highways, public transit and railways.

Private sector evidence and government data emphasize some other important points of effort to protect the environment. For every acre of wetland which is destroyed, almost three acres are revived. The emissions from cars and other motor vehicles hurt the environment and the health in general, and since the 1960s emission per capita have dropped incredibly: -50.5% for emissions of crude matter,-61.7% for emissions of carbon monoxide, -37.5% for emissions of carbon dioxide. Little 1.75% of complete gas emissions of greenhouses come from the total U.S. construction industry, including the transportation area. This transportation industry recycles asphalt every year (around 100 million tons), along with fly-ash (15+ million tons) as they would be hoarded in landfills, which is terrible for the environment.

The USA transportation network is really enormous, especially if we talk about the road system, but it leaves such a small footprint on the environment, that most people don’t believe it when they hear it. After building roads for more than two centuries, the FHA says that public roads cover less than 1% of the complete American land. If we want private and public sectors to keep on making improvements in environmental protection, we have to provide those opportunities and means to use resources they need for reducing emissions levels, add capacity, and therefore increase mobility. These opportunities and means could be stated in some reliable federal freight, transit and highway program, with the investment bill would help achieve all goals they have. Unfortunately, continued threats of federal transit and highway program abandoned trying of the private sector to include and apply long-run transportation plans which are excellent for environmental stewardship and economic strength. The association explained that they could permanently fix the federal Highway Trust Fund before the deadline – May 31.