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New York State Department of Corrections has 4 inmates sharing the same career; psychic reading.  Betty Vlado, Sylvia Mitchell, Celia Mitchell and Priscilla Kelly Delmaro were put behind bars after they have collected a significant amount of money from their clients in exchange for their fortune telling.

“It’s entirely a scam sir”, declared Celia Mitchell; a psychic who was asked what she can say about psychic business. Celia used to claim that she possessed supernatural powers while working in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen Section.  Life is well for her until a criminal complaint was filed against her for asking and receiving $159,205. First, Celia demanded for a Rolex watch amounting to $11,450 in exchange for her intervention to clean the spirits. Succeeding payments were also demanded which she said will help clean the spirits. As a result, she was convicted of a scam.

Sylvia Mitchell, a 41 years old psychic was also convicted of the same crime. She was proven guilty of a larceny conviction and is for parole hearing this coming 2017.

“I regret what I have done, everything was plainly corruption. I can’t find words to explain how I felt and all I know is that I just found myself guilty of the crime I have committed. I just can’t believe why I have done it”, Sylvia stated during a parole hearing.  “I was not given the chance to be educated. Hence, I resorted to fortunetelling to earn for a living”, she added.

In summer of 2015, another psychic was arrested for charging a customer an amount of $713, 975 with a promise that she will reunite the man to the girl he loves so dearly. Priscilla Kelly Delmaro was found guilty when the man discovered that the woman he hopes to reunite with is already dead. This caused the man to file a case against Priscilla leading to her conviction.

Betty Vlado was a self-proclaimed Gypsy who started her career as a tarot card reader. One of her victims was a woman whom she sold a stone that she claimed to be a meteorite rock from NASA insider at a cost of $14,500. She was able to collect $55,000 out of such scam. During her 2014 parole hearing, when asked if she was just making up story to make money in her Gypsy career, this is what she answered; “yes, pretty much”.

If deceitful fortuneteller exists in our days, does it mean that there is also a genuine psychic reader?

The commissioner asked psychic Mitchell how to determine if the psychic reader is a fraud and this is what she answered; “if they are getting a significant amount of money from you then they are not real”.