Fantasy sports prop betting is more interesting to people than the Superbowl.
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The Superbowl will be here soon and there are a lot of people really excited about watching it. Whether you are watching it live or from home, there is one thing for sure, many people may be more interested in the bets they made on how good or bad Lady Gaga will sing the National Anthem, than they really are with the big game itself.

According to the International Business Times, this has a lot to do with Fantasy Sports these days. This is because fantasy sports fans are so used to betting on the different plays their player will make or on the outcome of a game on there that they will all be betting against different things that have to do with the Superbowl on Sunday.

For one thing, some people may be more interested in what color the Gatorade will be that is spilled on the winning team’s coach, than the actual game. This is because they have a bet placed on the actual color of it and the color of it will determine whether or not they win money or have to give some money up. If this is you, thanks to fantasy sports, you may have a gambling problem.

This kind of betting is actually called prop bets, which is short for proposition bets. Prop bets started out with people just being curious on it to people actually betting on different things associated with the Superbowl and other sports games. This means huge money for the sportsbooks because those who lose, and there will probably be a lot of them, will be paying those holding the sportsbooks.

Prop betting is a big thing now, according to the International Business Times. In fact, last year more than 40 percent of betting was done on prop bets at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. And this year, during the Superbowl, according to Nick Bogdanovich who is the director of a different section of the sportsbooks in William Hill in the US, expects that 40 percent to increase to 60 percent for prop betting. Here is what another director, Michael Grodsky, director of marketing for the same place, had to say about prop betting,

The popularity of prop wagering is through the roof.

In fact, it is so popular and there are so many different props to bet on, that in William Hill US alone offers over 800 prop bets on different things that might or might not happen during the Superbowl. That is how huge this new way of betting is now days!

You might think more than 800 different things is a really big amount but that is actually a small number because that is just meeting the needs of the actual market. Grodsky also says that every single prop they put on the market gets action and every time they put even more props on the market, it is actually because they are responding to the huge demanding they have for the props.

Prop bets didn’t just started out either because back in the 1980s, William Hill, which actually started their company in the UK, were taking bets on who shot J.R Ewing on the popular show back then, Dallas.

However, according to the IB Times, they were not a major part of the Superbowl 20 years ago like they are now. Prop bets started becoming popular back then also when Kirk Brooks, who is the director of the sportsbooks at the Boardwalk Casino, started placing bets on which player of the Superbowl back then would make more points than the other player. The bet was whether or not Michael Jordan, who was playing in the Superbowl during that game 20 years ago against the Phoenix Suns, would score more points than the Dallas Cowboys. Because this bet was so unusual, it drew attention to the media and made national headlines. It also started prop bet becoming more and more popular on unusual betting during the big game on Sunday.

So, don’t be surprised if you hear someone saying they bet someone won’t do this right or someone messes that play up because a lot of people will be prop betting during the big game on Sunday, especially fantasy sports players.