All households with flooded basements share the same concern and that is on how to pump the water out. However, there are other problems that they need to be more anxious about and these are the growing molds that seem to inhabit on their basement’s walls. This is a common problem if basement waterproofing was not done. If the problem lingers, it will cause so much hassle and this does not only limit on the wall’s aesthetics. Molds will cause problems to your family’s health as well.

“The presence of humidity, regardless of the amount causes mold spores to attach to the wall’s surface and grow”, Philadephia’s Director of Environmental Protection Agency Christina Schulingkamo said. They are the ones dealing with Sandy’s aftereffects this October, totaling to billions of dollars damages on the East Coast.

Anyone who is allergic to molds will manifest symptoms when exposed to mold spores. The person may experience irritation of the nose, eyes, airways and skin. It will start with a mold growth on a damp corner which will ultimately release tiny spores that float on the air. Once this will be inhaled by someone who is allergic to it, the person will start rubbing one’s eyes and sneeze. It can even trigger asthma attack.

For individuals with cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or compromised immune systems, severe symptoms can be experienced like pneumonia-like lung inflammation.

“Interestingly, 10%-20% of the country’s population has mold allergy. Hence, symptoms that accompanies the presence of mold can be very common”, declared Robert Wood; John Hopkin’s Center’s chief of pediatric allergy and immunology. Some families even move out from their homes because of the molds’ toxic effects.

Effects of molds can be fatal, especially when it is ingested. This is because they produce mycotoxins. This comprises large group of chemicals like penicillin as well as mushroom poisons. If these toxins are taken in, they can be life threatening and can create fatal effects just like eating poisonous mushroom or moldy foods. Fortunately, there are no reports telling that same fatal effect can happen when molds are touched or inhaled.

However, in 1990, there were cases of infants whose lungs bleed and this was linked to the housing’s toxin producing molds. However, no one can prove this as the causal agent. But regardless of the degree of their effects, it is important to find ways to do away with molds. Besides, it is still best to keep your home safe. That is why homes with basements must conduct basement waterproofing right from the start.