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A study was conducted by the Department of Public Health and Medicine in Boston Massachusetts Tufts University. In this study, they compared weight loss using different diet programs to see how this impacts the weight reduction of obese and overweight individuals. The result of the study showed that various diet programs have little and insignificant weight loss differences, raising questions among the public if they still need to be mindful on what type of diet program to use.

The study involved 7,300 individuals for the trial and majority of them lost weight significantly after taking low fat and low carbohydrate diet, which proves that diet programs are indeed useful regimens when planning to lose weight.

“The idea that one diet program works as well as the others may be a good news for dieters but not as good on the part of the publishers,” stated Marilyn Linton; a health blogger.

“All famous diet programs are equally the same and as effective as the other”, Dr. Bradley Johnston from Toronto Hospital said. However, some diet companies find hope in the little difference that showed in the study’s result. In a Fat Diminisher program review, it stated that the diet program focuses on the person’s individual metabolism, emphasizing on the hormone physiology, biochemistry and proper nutrition, doing away with harsh and restrictive diet regimen.

“Fat loss is not just dependent on calorie counting and strict diet. It involved integration of exercise, nutrition, hormonal balance and most importantly, metabolism efficiency”, Fat Diminisher’s researchers said.

Dr. Bradley C.Johnston together with his associates conducted a study on obese and overweight adults in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute. He did the same study in Hamilton’s MacMaster University A self administered diet was used. They even employed famous diet programs which we can read in books and TV.

At the conclusion of his study, this is what Dr.Johnston said;”Macronutirtion is one thing commonly claimed by billion dollar diet industries. However, such biological mechanisms end up with same effective results”. “There may be statistical difference noted in the study. However, they are so minimal and less important when it comes to weight loss”, he added.

However, there are some diets that are intended for certain medical conditions. According to Dr.Johnston, this is a different case. If you have cardiac issues, he suggested that a low carbohydrate diet be taken. In fact, contrary to what we know of, this is even better than low fat diet for heart conditions. And if you are planning to lose weight, this is his advice: “Choose the one that you are happy to take for the rest of your life and not just compelled for the reason of losing weight. Of course, still a meal that will help you achieve your weight loss goal”.