Two of the fiercest rivals on the mobile platforms market are at it again, as the Samsung Electronics Company Limited shook the market by releasing new images of the latest version of the Gear smartwatch on Friday, which was the day when Apple watch was finally released. The Apple watch is the product of the Samsung’s biggest rival, the Apple Company. 



A blogpost, on the official blog of Samsung, the technological powerhouse from South Korea, displayed some pictures of a new Gear smartwatch, with a round face, the first time for the company. Numerous new partner have been named, like the Yelp incorporated, CNN and Baidu incorporated. What makes Samsung products really special, is the Android option of third party developers offering their solutions, so the software for the Gear smartwatch will also be accompanied by the development kit for the third party enthusiasts.

The blog was obviously a reaction to the start of sales of the much talked about Apple Watch, which was surprisingly released  without the big fuss Apple usually makes when releasing a new product. The experts predict the Apple watch to be the most successful piece of technology in its field, with the researches of HIS forecasting more than 19 million Apple Watches to be sold in 2015. This is more than five times more than the sales numbers of all smart watches combined last year.

The South Korean company already marketed 6 generations of the smartwatch since the debut in 2013, and even though they are the market leaders, the sales haven’t been especially high. Samsung is considered to have an almost 30 per cent share in the sales of smartwatches in 2014.

There are no other details on the 7th generation of the Gear smartwatch, as only pictures were brought to public. The release date hasn’t been set yet, but in the light of the recent statements of high Samsung officials, we can expect the battle on the smartwatch market between the American and the South Korean company to start in the not so distant future.