Apple company is calling on all its users to download and test all its  iOS software updates preceding every release from now onwards. This innovation will commence with the beta of iOS 8.3, only available to registered iOS users.


Users will have to get a software testing account from the Apple’s website in other to download and test the beta software update. However, only those that previously registered with “OS X Beta Program” as a software tester will have access to iOS 8.3 presently.


Once you are accepted into the beta program, it is required that you perform a backup of iPhone in iTunes, then you can access the beta software through download after logging in with your Apple authentication credentials. At the end of this process, your Settings app will show the iOS 8.3 beta, which you can begin to test. One can always restore the iTunes backed up version if any problem is encountered while testing iOS 8.3 software update.


Apple just released its new software update iOS 8.2 some days ago, and has launched out this invitation for the testing of iOS 8.3 beta, so, the release date of iOS 8.3 will be sometime later.


The software testing program of Apple was called “OS X Beta Software Program” when it was started last year, presently as a result of the new iOS testing that just began, the name is now – Apple Beta Software Program.


The new Apple Beta Software Program website published saying – “The feedback we have received on the OS X Yosemite Beta continues to help us shape OS X, and now the iOS 8.3 Beta is available for download”.


News from the website of Apple stated the inclusion of iOS 8.3 in the month of March to their Beta Software Program so, what is happening now was not surprising at all. They even plan to include the testing of iOS 9 to the Apple Beta Software Program by the middle of 2015.


This leading technological firm intends to use the beta program to resolve any available bugs in the software update before its public release. Allowing users that are not software developers to test the updates is the best way to actualise this objective.